Deborah HunnicuttMissionary to Honduras

Her Ministry Focus

Deborah is both the school administrator and a teacher at Samuel Raymond Christian School, a community-based bilingual Christian school. She also leads English classes for adults and teaches English classes for the national police on the island. All of these ministries are a means to live out the gospel and to share it in relationship.


Her Story

“Roatan? Where is that?” you might ask yourself. The island of Roatan is adjacent to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, just off the north coast of Honduras, to which it belongs. To North Americans, it is best known as a popular destination for cruise ships and for its ecotourism industry.

But to Deborah Hunnicutt, Roatan, Honduras, is home, the place where the passion that God has placed within her has connected with ministry, the place to which God called her in 2010 from Oklahoma City and Crossings Community Church.

Deborah grew up as a missionary kid in the Church of God. Her parents, Kenneth and Sue Jo Good, served with the Missionary Board of the Church of God as missionaries in Korea, Jamaica, Australia, and Tanzania. Deborah spent her early years on the field until she returned to the United States to attend Anderson College (now University) in 1977.

After college, Deborah moved to Oklahoma, where she lived for twenty-eight years, seventeen of which she spent serving in Christian education. In December 2005, Deborah’s husband died, and by 2010, her two children were no longer at home. At a time in her life when she was finally comfortable, the Lord had other plans.

In October 2010, Deborah followed the Lord’s call to the small island of Roatan, Honduras. In a very short time, the Lord opened many doors for ministry, including Samuel Raymond Christian School (a community-based, bilingual Christian school), English classes for adults, and English classes for the national police on the island. For Deborah, all of these ministries, all of life, in fact, are a means to live out the gospel and to share it in relationship with those around her. Through these vibrant ministries, Deborah has connected her passion to God’s mission in a lifestyle of evangelism, breaking down barriers and building bridges.

In 2014, God led Deborah to connect her passion through Global Strategy at Church of God Ministries, strengthening and furthering his work on this small Central American island.

Click the project number below to give online or call Global Strategy at 800-848-2464.

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