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Here you can find resources to help equip you and your church to be more globally-minded. Our resources are organized by topic (see the topics below). Hover over a topic to see a learning path of content related to the topic. You’ll find podcasts, videos, articles, and book recommendations. Choose the way you learn best and dive into the material. If you don’t find what you need or have a topic you’d like us to add, feel free to contact us and we can work with you on that!

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Cultural Intelligence


Click here to read “Managing Cross-Cultural Communication Barriers,” an excellent summary of Erin Meyers’ research.

International Development


Global Christianity


American Christianity









The information below is a compilation of best practices that missions leaders from the Church of God have contributed to help missions teams across our movement engage in healthier ways around the world. Peruse the material we have and suggest new material you would love to see added!

The "Church Goes Global" webinar series (from 2019) looks at cross-cultural issues through the lens of local, North American church engagement. Each webinar invites guest speakers to share from their experience and expertise in light of engagement with the local church on mission in the world. It wrestles with tough questions of how to connect and engage with global work in a way that is healthy as well as being a catalyst for engagement in the local church. The webinar is hosted by Nate Tatman and Andrew Gale in partnership with Global Strategy.

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The Global Table Training material is a FREE, fully online module based training for groups traveling cross-culturally or small groups looking to engage in curriculum focused on global ministry.

The Global Table is a set of four modules (with a bonus module) that is designed to help people think critically about how they engage globally in healthy ways. Each module builds on the previous, so start with the first module.

One – God on Mission (biblical foundation for mission work)
Two – The Global Church (growth and spread of the global church)
Three – Culture (culture and communication)
Four – Seat at the Global Table (bringing it all together)
Bonus Module – Trip Logistics

Starting in February 2020, A World of Good podcast has shared stories of the good God is doing around the world. Nate Tatman (regional coordinator for Europe and the Middle East, living in Spain) and Andrew Gale (executive director, Global Strategy) interview guests as they travel around the world so that you can hear about what’s happening. Episodes land every two weeks, so subscribe below on whatever platform you use to listen to podcasts.

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