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Here you can find resources to help equip you and your church to be more globally-minded. The books listed are great for small group studies and the training material will prepare your teams for cross-cultural engagement. And if you don’t find what you need, feel free to contact us and we can point you in the right direction!


Below you will find our recommended books, divided by category. These are books that have been helpful to us and would be an asset to any globally-minded team.

International Development


Global Christianity


American Christianity





The material below is meant to prepare your service experience team for cross-cultural travel. Each section has the handout material and a video that gives advice on how to teach the material.

General Trip Info walks through some common trip needs, but should be supplemented with specific trip information. Meeting One explores the biblical foundations for missions and gives you a glimpse at God’s missionary nature. Meeting Two looks at the world in which we live and specifically focuses on changes within Christianity in the last century. Meeting Three offers an overview of culture and prepares you for the challenges we find when we enter a new culture. Meeting Four concludes pre-trip training with some group activities to help you understand yourself and the team with whom you will be traveling. Meeting Five is to be done once the team has returned from their trip and is an opportunity to process the experience and think about how God may be calling you to engage.


The information below is a compilation of best practices that missions leaders from the Church of God have contributed to help missions teams across our movement engage in healthier ways around the world. Peruse the material we have and suggest new material you would love to see added!


The “Church Goes Global” webinar series looks at current cross-cultural issues through the lens of local, North American church engagement. Each webinar invites guest speakers to share from their experience and expertise in light of engagement with the local church on mission in the world. It wrestles with tough questions of how to connect and engage with global work in a way that is healthy as well as being a catalyst for engagement in the local church. The webinar is hosted by Nate Tatman and Andrew Gale in partnership with Global Strategy.


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