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Today, the Church of God has a presence in approximately 90 countries and territories around the world, and the constituency outside of the United States now exceeds 800,000 people—more than three times the size of the Church of God in the United States and Canada. Global Strategy and its regional coordinators continue to work in partnership with the local Church of God bodies in these 90 countries, with 67 missionaries working alongside the Church of God in 24 countries, as well…Read More

2015: Becoming Global Strategy

In June 2015, Global Missions changes its name to Global Strategy, an ongoing entity within Church of God Ministries.

2009: Celebrating 100 Years

Global Missions celebrates 100 years of organized cross-cultural mission administration with the Global Gathering at the North American Convention of the Church of God in June. Leaders from the Church of God around the world represent the international reach of the Church of God.

2002: STW Launched

At the International Youth Convention, organizers launch Spread the Word to encourage teenage giving and involvement in missions.

1998: Becoming Global Missions

The Missionary Board of the Church of God is reorganized as the Global Missions department of Church of God Ministries, which was created from the merger of multiple national Church of God agencies. At this point, Global Missions was responsible for relationships with Church of God fellowships in approximately 87 countries.

1982: Asian Church of God Conference

The Asian Church of God Conference, representing countries throughout Asia and the Pacific, forms. Today, this continues as the Asia-Pacific Church of God Conference, which meets biennially.

1980: Church of God Centennial

In 1980, the Church of God celebrated its centennial, 100 years of God’s work. By this time, the number of full-time missionaries with the Missionary Board had grown to 78. The Church of God had expanded to have a presence in 60 countries worldwide, with the Missionary Board responsible for work in 42 of them. And the number of believers in the movement outside the United States had grown to nearly equal to the number within the United States.

1979: Caribbean-Atlantic Assembly

The Church of God congregations on the English-speaking islands of the Caribbean form the Caribbean-Atlantic Assembly of the Church of God. Today, 17 islands in the region participate.

1974: Disaster Relief Fund

A disaster fund becomes part of World Service budget, providing funds for suffering resulting from natural disaster and starvation.

1967: Missionary Boards Integrate

The Foreign Missionary Board of the National Association integrates with the Missionary Board of the Church of God.

1962: Inter-American Conference

First Inter-American Conference meets in Mexico City. This conference of Church of God leaders from across Latin America continues today at la Confraternidad Interamericano de le Iglesia de Dios, meeting biennially with smaller regional forums occurring in the off years. Today, this includes leaders from across the Church of God in Central America, South America, and the Dominican Republic.

1932: Church of God Women Organize

National Woman’s Home and Foreign Missionary Society is formed under the leadership of Nora Siens Hunter. In time, this comes to be known as the Woman of the Church of God and later Christian Women Connection.

1912: Independent Work in Kenya

H.C. and Gertrude Kramer independently pioneer the work in Kima, Kenya, established by the South African Compounds and Interior Mission. Formally taken over by the Missionary Board in 1922.

1910: Panama

A witness for the Church of God begins in Panama. In the United States, the first missions magazine, Missionary Herald, begins publication.

1909: Missionary Board Organized

By 1909, it was evident to leaders of the Church of God reformation movement that some organization was needed to coordinate the fervent cross-cultural evangelistic work of the church. And so on June 12, 1909, the Missionary Board of the Church of God became the second official agency of the Church of God by common consent of the ministers present at the annual camp meeting in Anderson, Indiana. At the first annual meeting of the Missionary Board that year, 19…Read More

1908: Japan

A. U. Yajima takes the Church of God message to his native Japan.

1907: Jamaica

The Church of God is planted in Jamaica.

1902: Russia

German workers establish a work in Russia.

1901: Germany

George Vielguth returns to his native Germany to share the Church of God message.

1896: India
1896: India

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, a young Muslim man in India came to faith in Christ in 1893. Through the influence of the Gospel Trumpet, the weekly newspaper of the Church of God movement, this young Indian Christian, A. D. Kahn, was exposed to the teachings of the Church of God reformation movement. By 1896, Kahn had fully committed himself to the teaching of the movement and begun holding Saturday afternoon meetings in Calcutta, as well as…Read More

1892: England

Church of God evangelists W. J. Henry and J. H. Rupert begin preaching in England.

1891: The First Missionary

B. F. Elliott feels the call of the Spirit to take the gospel to the Spanish-speaking people of Baja California, a work that eventually spread across Mexico. He becomes the first recorded cross-cultural evangelist of the Church of God.

1880-1881: A Movement Is Born

The Church of God movement is born. And from the very beginning, Church of God people have been a people on the move, whether it was the bands of evangelists traveling the country or individuals called to cross-cultural ministry.

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