Walking alongside the local church globally

Our mission at Global Strategy is to walk alongside the local church globally, pursuing the development of healthy churches that are locally led and sustained, regionally connected, and missionally engaged so that the church can give life to communities around the world.

Our Values

Locally led & sustained…

We believe the longevity and vitality of the ministry of the church globally is grounded in the development of local leadership and local sources of funding. We are committed to working with churches to find ways to create sustainable models of ministry.

Regionally connected…

We believe in listening and building bridges. Regional connectivity in the church is vital for the health, sustainability, and accountability of churches. Regional fellowship increases creative ministry capacity and builds relational networks of reciprocal  support and encouragement across borders.

Missionally engaged…

We believe the church must engage outside the walls of the building. For some congregations, this means understanding the needs of their communities better so that they can serve those around them. For others, this means involvement on a regional or global scale in cross-cultural outreach. The way each church engages emerges from their specific cultural context.

We continue to believe in the value of our previous strategy statement, centered on the importance of connecting. To read our previous strategy statement, click here.

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