Mike & Makiko BoyleSpecial Assignment Missionaries to Japan

Their Ministry Focus

The Boyles are involved with English-language and Bible ministry at the Hagiyama Church of God in Tokyo. Mike teaches 15 to 20 English and Bible courses per week, mostly to nonbeliever students. Makiko assists with children’s classes and administrative duties.


Their Story

Mike grew up in the First Church of God, St. Joseph, Michigan, where his family was active in leadership roles in that congregation. Makiko is a true pastor’s kid. Her parents ministered in the Salvation Army of Japan, and then in the Saga Church of God. Later, they planted a Church of God congregation in Osaka. Mike met Makiko soon after arriving in Japan where he served as a SAM English teacher. They were married in 1994. Makiko continued her work at a Christian bookstore.

Upon completion of Mike’s SAM assignment they moved to the United States so that Mike could pursue a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language. Upon Mike’s graduation, they returned to Japan to teach English at Tamagawa Seigakuin, the Church of God junior/senior high girls school in Tokyo. In 2003, they began an English/Bible ministry at the Hagiyama Church of God.

Makiko and Mike have been deeply involved in the ministries of the Hagiyama church. Makiko is a regular teacher in the Sunday school program at Hagiyama and has been chairwoman and assistant chairwoman of the Women of the Church of God. Mike participates in the men’s fellowship group at Hagiyama, an outreach to nonbeliever husbands of church members and to English students. He has also served on the board of elders. Both are active members of the Wednesday night Bible study/prayer meeting at Hagiyama.

As a result of their ministry, they have seen students come to Christ and be baptized and unbelievers become acquainted with the church and hear the good news of Christ’s salvation. Please pray for further growth of the English and Bible ministry, for continued Christian work in disaster relief, and for evangelistic opportunities to emerge from Tokyo’s selection for the 2020 Olympic Games.

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