Keith SpencerMissionary Specialist

Keith is proud to be a third-generation Church of God minister who envisions a world where Christ-followers take the lead in radically loving others towards their God-given potential.

He’s passionate about racial reconciliation and has spent several years empowering students and adults in multiple diverse churches in various regions of the country through his work in both pastoral and lay ministry. Keith was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, where he lived until his family moved to Wichita, Kansas, when he was young. Being raised as a first generation American with parents from the Caribbean, with family spread all around the world, has helped shaped Keith’s worldview.

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Christian ministry, he went on to study divinity both at Anderson School of Theology and at Bethel Seminary of the East.  Keith has served multiple congregations in a pastoral role and also with nonprofit organizations as a social media marketing consultant, helping them spread the gospel online.

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