Drew & Sunny BrownMissionaries to Pakistan

Their Ministry Focus

Drew and Sunny have been appointed by Global Strategy to walk alongside the Church of God in Pakistan, with a specific focus on pastoral training and education. In 2020, Drew began teaching by Zoom pastors enrolled in the George Theological College in Pakistan. In addition to pastoral training, Drew and Sunny will be helping church leaders develop a standardized Sunday school curriculum for use across all 263 Church of God congregations, helping to provide discipleship to more than 70,000 people. In addition, Sunny will be nurturing relationships and a ministry among the women in the church. Drew will be putting his audio engineering skills to use helping the Church of God in Pakistan develop a radio outreach ministry.


Their Story

Drew and Sunny and their family are headed off on another adventure, the latest in the many they’ve already lived. In 2019, as the family felt God calling them into missions, Don and Caroline Armstrong, regional coordinators for Asia and the Pacific, came calling. The Browns new adventure is leading them to Karachi, Pakistan, from Boise, Idaho.

Drew grew up in the Boise area, and by the time he was in high school, his family was deeply embedded in the life and ministry of Cloverdale Church of God, which is where Drew began to explore a call to ministry. That call led him to work with a local church plant and eventually to lead a new church plant. Drew is a trained church planter with a focus on missional church development, with ministry experience with youth, worship, young adults, church planting, pastoring, and more. But his journey through ministry took an abrupt turn when his wife was diagnosed with cancer and died. The father of two young children, Drew established a business as a professional audio engineer while continuing to work with different church denominations and groups helping with pulpit supply, worship support, and A/V training.

Sunny started life in New York, the daughter of multi-ethnic Hispanic parents who were nominally Catholic. At the age of 10, Sunny’s mother moved the family to Massachusetts, where Sunny was introduced to Christ through the influence of her best friend’s family and their invitation to a local Salvation Army congregation. In her early 20s, Sunny found herself moving across the country to Reno, Nevada. In time, she became deeply involved in the ministry of a local nondenominational church. In 2019, Sunny finished a master’s in human services and began working with refugee resettlement. Currently, she works with second language students in a middle school in Nampa, Idaho.

Nearly five years after the passing of Drew’s first wife, Drew and Sunny got married. As a family with their two children, they are striving to share God’s love and strength as living examples of enduring through life’s challenges with God’s help.

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