Courtney Rice AlfordMissionary Specialist

Born in Anderson, Indiana, and raised in the small town of Montesano, Washington, Courtney has had a deep love for the church from a young age. Courtney graduated from Anderson University with a bachelor’s degree in Bible and religion, and a double minor in family science and peace and conflict transformation. After completing her bachelor’s in 2015, Courtney jumped into another five years of study, pursing her master of divinity degree from Anderson University School of Theology and Christian Ministry, which she will complete in the spring of 2020. Before coming to Global Strategy, Courtney worked for Children of Promise (the child sponsorship organization of the Church of God) and began to get a glimpse of the work the church is doing around the world. While in seminary, Courtney also completed three years of Leadership Focus and was ordained in the Church of God in October 2019. Courtney greatly enjoys preaching and serves in various ministry capacities at her home congregation, Park Place Church of God.

Courtney is excited about how the intersection of her theological background, pastoral experience, and heart for the church strengthens connectivity with our churches at home and abroad. Courtney enjoys consuming copious cups of coffee while gathering around the table and sharing in life-giving conversation with friends, new and old. Courtney resides in Anderson with her husband Blake and their beloved feline, Lucy.

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