Corey & Abby StocksdaleMissionaries to Botswana

Their Ministry Focus

Corey and Abby have a passion for outreach and community development. The Church of God in Botswana invited them to help the church implement a child-sponsorship program through Children of Promise. They are also helping to develop evangelism and community outreach programs designed to meet the social, spiritual, and financial needs of the community—kingdom tasks well suited to their experience as community developers.


Their Story

It’s only in hindsight that we realize how perfectly God has been shaping us for his mission. And such is that case for Corey and Abby, who have been uniquely shaped for ministry in Botswana. Today they are connecting their passion for outreach and community development with the mission of Global Strategy and the work of the Church of God in Botswana.

Corey felt his call into ministry at the age of 16 while attending IYC in Orlando, Florida, in 2000. From that moment, he set his sights on attending Anderson University and never looked back. He has spent the last ten years serving as the youth and associate pastor at Community Church of God in Danville, Illinois. Corey is an ordained minister of the Church of God and an active member of the Illinois State Youth Ministry Team. He has a passion for introducing people to Christ and for building relationships across social divides and racial lines.

Abby first felt the call to missions while attending IYC in Orlando in 2010 (as a chaperone), during a message by Marilyn Laszlo. She also graduated from Anderson University. In Danville, Abby has been intentional in serving the community at the local YMCA, helping people of all ages and fitness levels pursue holistic living and well-being.

She has used her passion for music and talent as a musician to serve on the worship team at church. Corey and Abby were married in 2007 and are the parents of three young children.

As they prayed and asked God for direction about their future, it was clear that cross-cultural ministry was the path they were to follow. It was evident —rather quickly—that Africa was going to be a great fit for the Stocksdales. Botswana has captured their hearts, and they are so encouraged by how their skill sets align with the ministry needs expressed by the national leaders of the church.

The Church of God in Botswana is doing very well. It is growing, and Global Strategy is excited about its future. The church is looking forward to stronger connections with the global community of the Church of God.

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