Sri Lanka: A Snapshot to Celebrate

If you look at the picture, you will see some village children being taught about Jesus in front of a building. That building is a Hindu temple, and this is unheard of. But it happened, and it happened because through your help with the Sri Lanka Sustainability Project, we assisted pastors in providing 14 villages with Christian programming for children and provided more than 18,600 meals to children during the ongoing economic crisis in Sri Lanka.

In this village, the parents said, “The government didn’t feed us. Not even the (Hindu) priests fed our children, but the Christians fed them.” In villages across Sri Lanka, our pastors and believers face persecution and discrimination for their faith. But here in this village, because of a community sustainability project that many of you supported, the parents wanted their children to be taught about Jesus…right in front of the Hindu temple!

Thank you for your prayers and your financial generosity to the Sri Lanka Sustainability Project! Keep walking alongside the Church of God in Sri Lanka. Click here to explore this project more deeply.

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  • Kabagambe vanansio

    Good work

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