Project Focus: Training Young Entrepreneurs in Honduras

By Abby Torgeson, Global Strategy Regional Consultant for Latin America

Editor’s Note: The Entrepreneurial School project in Honduras is among the four projects featured during Global Strategy’s 2019 impactX2 year-end campaign. 

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Along the shores of a country that has become infamous on the international stage for migrant caravans, gang violence, and unending protests, the Church of God in Honduras, under the leadership of Pastor Donny Allen, has become a shining example of innovative ministry that has the potential to inspire a new way of thinking about outreach and financial sustainability in Latin America.

For more than five years, the local church has invested in developing the Entrepreneurial Training School. Through this training center, candidates spend one year learning godly business principles and receiving practical training as they discover ways to use the gifts and resources that God has given them to provide for their families and bless their congregations financially.

As a part of the program, participants develop a business plan and work toward turning their dreams into reality. So far, graduates have launched a number of successful businesses, including a dance school, delivery service, and hot sauce production. The school itself also runs a juice bar and a store that help students learn to live out what they are learning. Instead of facing a life of poverty that often perpetuates the cycle of violence and desperation, young adults around Honduras are now being empowered to support their families and invest back into their churches and communities.

As the entrepreneurial school continues to grow, its impact will extend far beyond Honduras. The Church of God in Latin America has been preaching the hope of Heaven for a century, but the region has recently become hungry for practical strategies to provide hope for life here on earth. This training school serves as a model for leaders in several countries as they seek out ways to offer the next generation of leaders the dignity of providing for their families and using their resources to promote Kingdom work wherever God has placed them. Will you walk alongside the Entrepreneurial School as they transform lives, families, and communities in Honduras and Latin America one entrepreneur at a time?

To watch a video of Donny Allen, national leader of the church in Honduras, talk about this school, click here.

To learn more about the ministry in Honduras or to contribute to this project, click here

To learn more about Global Strategy’s 2019 impactX2 campaign, click here.

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