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P entecost was a singular day in the life of the disciples, fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection. And yet Pentecost is so much more than a single event on a single day. Pentecost continues in the life of the body of Christ, in your life and mine. The Spirit came on that first Pentecost, and the Spirit still continues to fill, to call, and to send.

Pentecost Life is a Global Strategy initiative to encourage churches and individuals globally toward missional involvement. [Read More]

$50 in 50 days. That is the Pentecost Challenge. Would you help  new missionaries reach the field more quickly? That’s $1 per day for each of the 50 days between Easter and Pentecost. Whatever your contribution, you’ll help new missionaries get to the field more quickly. Plans are in the works to also begin a grant program to help individuals outside of North America who are called to serve in ministry cross-culturally.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Pentecost Life?

Pentecost Life is a Global Strategy initiative to encourage churches and individuals globally toward cross-cultural missional involvement. There are two prongs to this initiative: One is to encourage churches to pursue a Spirit-driven engagement in missions. The second component is an offering that helps to underwrite the support of new missionaries.

What kinds of educational resources are available?

For churches who participate, we offer educational resources about the historical significance of Pentecost as well as how the Holy Spirit continues to move throughout the church of God globally. This include sermon starters, videos, and other helpful curricula. Eventually, it will also include testimonies about the Holy Spirit from missionaries and national leaders.

How can our church become involved?

Besides the educational pieces, we are encouraging churches to give to missions through supporting our $50 in 50 days challenge. This is an offering on Pentecost Sunday to support the ongoing, sending work of the Church of God. Churches, Sunday school classes, or small groups may encourage their individuals to set aside $1 a day to give $50 as a Pentecost offering; other churches may give from their budget. The money funds new Global Strategy missionaries and in future years will equip non-Americans to engage in cross-cultural ministry.

What will the offering funds go toward?

The offering will go toward the Preparers of the Path fund, which supports missionaries. Preparers of the Path funds have historically been given to missionaries as they go on the field for the first time, but we hope to use it to support all our missionaries. In future years we plan to divide the offering between Preparers of the Path and a grant program that will be used to encourage non-Americans to engage in cross-cultural ministry.

What missionaries will it support?

The funds will go to Preparers of the Path, which supports all missionaries. Unlike other campaigns, this will not support specific missionaries, but all missionaries benefit

Can we support our missionaries?

Absolutely! If you would prefer giving an extra bump to your specific missionaries that is fine as well. Just make sure you clarify that when you send in the funds.

Do we have to do it on Pentecost Sunday?

No. The themes and material fit that time, but we are encouraging people to see Pentecost as a way of life, so it is something that could be used any time of the year

Do we have to do the educational pieces to participate in the offering?

No, we welcome church participation in the ways that best fit your community

Do we have to do the offering to get the educational pieces?

No. The educational resources are for any church to use.

Is this to be done in place of Faith Promise?

No. This is not a replacement of Faith Promise. We encourage churches to do this in addition.

What kind of curriculum is available?

Beginning in 2019, we have begun to offer curricula for various age/stages of the church. Currently, there are lesson series and resources for churches to use with adults and children.

Is this a replacement for Christ Birthday Offering?

This is not connected with CBO. This more of a replacement for the former Easter/Spring offerings that have been done by Church of God Ministries. But the focus is not simply on raising funds; it’s an engagement initiative aimed at educating the church and involving them in cross-cultural work however that is expressed in their community.

What’s the timeframe for Pentecost Life?

The official period is set for the fifty days beginning on Easter Sunday, leading up to Pentecost Sunday, June 9, 2019. Churches and individuals may participate in the entire period of Pentecost or just focus on Pentecost Sunday. These themes and resources may also be used throughout the year.

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Songs followed by a number in parentheses can be found in Worship the Lord: Hymnal of the Church of God (Warner Press, 1989). The number in parentheses corresponds to the number in the hymnal.

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Readings from Worship the Lord: Hymnal of the Church of God

  • “Catch the Wind, by Ann Smith (280)
  • “The Indwelling Holy Spirit,” by Louis Evely (258)

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