Open Doors: Teaching English to the Police on Roatan

Editor’s Note: Sarah Hunnicutt is among the six missionaries featured during Global Strategy’s 2018 impactX2 year-end campaign.

Global Strategy missionary Deborah Hunnicutt had only been on the island of Roatan, Honduras, for two days when she found herself teaching English to students from the local outpost of the national Honduran police force. Members of the police force are not islanders, nor are they English speakers, unlike residents of Roatan. And when Sarah joined her mother on the island, she too became involved in teaching English to this group of men and women.

From the beginning, God has used Deborah and Sarah to shine his light into the lives of this group of men and women who rotate on and off the island. Because members of the national police force rotate on and off the island, the influence of Deborah and Sarah reaches far beyond the small island of Honduras. The effects of their relationship with these men and women reach beyond the classroom into the community, and these students also watch out for the security of Deborah and Sarah.

Sarah recently wrote: “We are still teaching English at the airport and the police station. It’s been fun to watch our students gain more confidence as they learn more. God has given us some great opportunities to build relationships. The chief of police and his second-in-command have been especially supportive of English classes. During our class at the airport, we’ve had many opportunities to go deeper, learn more about the lives of our students, and share His love.”

If there’s one lesson that we’ve learned, it’s that God opens doors in unexpected places. We merely have to be attentive to them and willing to walk through them. Pray for Sarah and Deborah as they live a lifestyle of evangelism, living and teaching in this island community.


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