Welcome to the Mission: Possible! Online Toolkit.

We are excited that your church is participating in the On Mission for God! Missions Week.

STEP 1: Choose any week that works for your church calendar to host Mission: Possible! Missions Week.
STEP 2: Download, distribute the Mission: Possible! resources below.
STEP 3: Publicize Mission: Possible! at your church. We’ve provided logos, t-shirt designs, bulletin inserts, projector slides, and other resources here!
STEP 4: Celebrate being On Mission for God! with us during your Mission: Possible! celebration using this creative selection of resources that can be tailored to your church’s needs!
STEP 5: Visit the Mission: Possible! Facebook Group  (www.facebook.com/groups/omgmp/) and share your creative ideas, prayer concerns, and your Mission: Possible! experience as God takes you on this incredible journey.

Welcome to the Great Mission!

The Family Resources below include a Devotional that will challenge you to accept your role in the Great Mission, a six-day Prayer Guide that will lead you through praying for all of the missions work of the Church of God around the world, and a Bedtime Story Series for children that will increase your child’s missions imagination! Download the resources below and share your church’s experience on the Mission: Possible! Facebook Group (www.facebook.com/groups/omgmp/).

Devotional (pdf)
Prayer Guide (pdf)
Bedtime Story Series (pdf)

Pastor and teacher, we also welcome you! Thank you for joining us on this amazing adventure! Below are resources for your church: A Mid-Week Missions Challenge that will connect your church with your current missions and outreach efforts locally and worldwide, Sunday School Lessons for children, youth, and adults, that will challenge all age levels to respond to the Great Commission. We’ve also included some suggested topics and questions (not an outline) for your Mission: Possible! Message Sunday morning. Download the resources below and share your church’s experience on the Mission: Possible! Facebook Group (www.facebook.com/groups/omgmp/).

Mission: Possible! Church Resources

Steven & Peggy Beverly’s Mission: Possible! Introduction Video (mp4, 3:11)

Mid-Week Missions Challenge (pdf)

Sunday School Lesson: Children 1 (ages 4-7) (pdf)

Sunday School Lesson: Children 2 (ages 8-11) (pdf)

Sunday School Lesson: Youth (pdf)

Sunday School Lesson: Adult (pdf)

Sunday Celebration Message Guide (pdf)

Christian Women Connection Tea (women’s fellowship) (pdf)

Developed by
Steven & Peggy Beverly, On Mission for God! in Sri Lanka

Content Reviewed by
Gary Moore, Cloverdale Church of God, Boise, ID
Sheri Myricks, Arlington Church of God, Akron, OH
Brian Smith, Fellowship Community Church, Lincoln, NE

Content Edited by
Stephen Lewis

Mission: Possible! Six-Day Prayer Guide
Africa, by John Johnson
Asia Pacific, by Don Armstrong
Caribbean-Atlantic, with Kathy Fulton
Europe-Middle East, by Patrick Nachtigall
Latin-America, by Jason & Abby Torgeson
North America, OMG!

Mission: Possible! Daily Devotional
by Steven A. Beverly

Mission: Possible! Bedtime Story Series
Illustrations, by Allen A. (Tony) Adams
“Luna Goes to School,” by Caroline Armstrong
“The Boy in the Box,” by Steven A. Beverly
“Yolette & Pierre’s Big Day,” by Kathy Fulton
“Fun Under the African Sky,” by Evelyn Price Wilson
“From the Sewer to the Church,” by Paul Maxfield
“Taman Dances for Jesus,” by Gwen Bistritan

Mission: Possible! Christian Women Connection Tea
by Arnetta Bailey

Mission: Possible! Sunday School Lessons
Children 1, by Peggy Beverly
Children 2, by Peggy Beverly
Youth, by Audrey Boudreaux
Adult, by John Johnson

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