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The current buildings that serve the Pass Creek Church community have been piecemealed together over the last 40+ years. While there is abundant ministry taking place, the potential for expanded ministry capacity is enormous. It is also apparent that the harsh South Dakota winters have taken a toll on the structural integrity of the current structures. Significant repairs will be needed in the near future if a new building is not developed.


The total amount needing to be raised is currently estimated at $250,000. (See “The Cost” section below)

Project # 43.44352



Pass Creek Church envisions a future of being a safe place of welcome for members of the community, Church volunteer teams, and different NGOs that bring unique skills and insights with them when they visit. Such hospitality will bridge native and non-native worlds and elevate the overarching perceptions of self-worth for those living in rural Allen, South Dakota.


In order for this vision to transpire, a new, intentionally designed Church building is required. This project therefore partners with Pass Creek Church in the construction of a new sanctuary, hospitality space, classrooms, offices, and a bunkhouse that welcomes 30 men and 30 women.

Pass Creek Church Building

“There is a great need for a functional and safe place for the locals to gather for learning and worship. Additionally, this new building will help facilitate other, “Native American led ministries” to be able to come and share their faith journey with the community that we serve.”

Tim Wardell
Church of God Missionary and Project Manager

Partnering to Make a Difference

The Cost

The total project cost is currently estimated to be $250,000.

However, much of this estimate is dependent upon the availability of service teams to come to Pass Creek and volunteer most of the labor. The total cost of the demolition and new construction at Pass Creek Church is $450,000. However, volunteers donating their time, skills, and resources greatly reduce the overall cost of this project.

Project Specifics

Listening sessions will be held with the local congregation to help inform the design and intentions for the new building. Native authorities will give approval for this work to take place and come to dedicate the building at the completion of this project.


Future Plans

The new facilities at Pass Creek Church will provide a safe, welcoming environment for teams and groups to come visit Allen, South Dakota. In doing so, Pass Creek will become a bridge of hope- connecting their local community in Allen with the world beyond. The relationships cultivated through these interactions will be a mutual blessing- as both hosts and visitors give and receive the unique skills and gifts of one another.

Groups that often visit include church volunteer teams, health and wellness teams, a vet group, a gospel singing group, and at least four Christian native-led organizations.

Building Blueprints

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