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Timothy’s School is a very special elementary school that opened its doors on February 14, 2014 in partnership with the Church of God in Obligado. Though the school has grown and changed in the years since, the mission remains the same: To create a place of welcome for all children where they learn the skills needed to pursue their God-given vocations and further develop into the people God created them to be. Timothy’s school therefore welcomes kids with learning disabilities and immigrant children with little to no Spanish-speaking abilities. As they reflect Christ’s all-encompassing love, many children and families are flourishing in new ways.

This project partners with Timothy’s School in the construction of two new classrooms. As the student population continues to exponentially increase in numbers, we hope to walk alongside them in creating more space for this growth.


The goal of this project is to raise $30,000.

Project # 42.40430

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The Church of God in Paraguay has a passion for reaching their communities for Christ. Since the work in Paraguay begin in 1972, under the leadership of Martin and Tabita Kurrle, the church has reached out to their communities to make a difference.


One of the avenues through which the Church of God in Paraguay has engaged in their communities is through educational institutions. The church has started four schools throughout the country with the earliest starting in 1984 and the most recent in 2014.


Since 2014, Timothy’s school has witnessed incredible growth each academic year. In 2021, they outgrew the church facility they had been using and purchased land near the school for the construction of new classrooms. In the first half of 2022, they completed 70% of the ground floor of this new building. Now, we have the opportunity to walk alongside them in finishing the remaining 30% of the ground floor, which involves the construction of two additional classrooms. We trust that this labor will yield abundant fruit!


“Timothy’s School is different. It’s special. And it’s going to help a lot of kids, like Timothy, to find Jesus.”

Marcos Kurrle

Timothy’s School


Timothy’s School opened its doors on February 14, 2014, in partnership with the Church of God in Obligado, Paraguay, with the aim of providing innovative and comprehensive education and bringing the word of God to the children and their families. The school was named after missionary Norberto Kurrle’s son Timothy, who, along with his mother, died tragically in a car accident in 2012.

One unique aspect of Timothy’s School is that it welcomes students with disabilities and special needs, making space for their unique learning capabilities. This is different from government-run schools in their area and it is just one way that the school and the local church are caring for the vulnerable of their community.

In addition to striving to meet educational needs, the school also attends to spiritual needs. The director, Cristiane Kurrle, has a devotional every morning at 6:45 with all of the teachers, 70% of whom are already Christians. The teachers also do devotions with their class for the first twenty minutes of the day and offer a weekly Bible class for all of the students.

Timothy’s school currently has childcare for ages 2-4, preschool, and classes for first through fifth grades. As of the 2022 school year, 205 students attend Timothy’s School, and enrollment has continued to increase from year to year. The school employs 37 staff, including a director, a coordinator, a counselor, an English teacher, and grade-level teachers and helpers.

Timothy’s School has been meeting inside the Church of God in Obligado, significant growth created a need for finding its own space. The school therefore purchased a nearby property and is now in the process of constructing a three-story building so that they can serve their current students more effectively and also reach out to impact new families. Thus far, 70% of the ground floor of this building is already completed; this project aims to partner with Timothy’s school in completing the remaining 30% of the ground floor!


Timothy’s School Video – Learn more!

This video was created by Ryan Klund from First Church in St. Joe, Michigan. We thank First Church for their commitment to the church in Paraguay!

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