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Alfonso and Elizabeth Ayala have faithfully walked alongside the Church in Belize for over thirty years. As bridge builders serving in the multicultural society of Belize, the Ayalas focus on fostering interconnectivity between churches and groups in Belize, as well as strengthening unified missions beyond the nation. This project equips Alfonso and Elizabeth with resources vital to their vibrant ministry.


The monthly project goal is $5,200.

Project # 42.40050 


The Belize Community Development Project facilitates holistic growth and development in the following spheres of society:


This project supports holistic well-being by walking with families and communities who lack adequate access to health services and information. Alfonso and Elizabeth Ayala assist families with needs, make healthcare referrals, and facilitate medical clinics and trainings each year, which reduce the risk of disease and promote wholeness in Belize.


Alfonso and Elizabeth encourage education across Belize by providing school supplies for under-resourced children and serving on primary, secondary, and higher education scholarship committees. They also teach online courses year-round and mentor students beyond graduation.


In times of disaster, this project provides not only immediate relief but also supports long-term rehabilitation efforts. As Belize experiences an increase in both the frequency and intensity of hurricanes and tropical storms, relief is vital for sustaining life (with food, water, and basic provisions) and restoring livelihoods (by rebuilding infrastructures and replanting crops). Ongoing feeding programs through the local church also seek to strengthen rural communities by investing in the health of their youth.


Alfonso and Elizabeth have been invited to serve as trusted voices in dialogue surrounding reconciliation, Christian unity, and the cultivation of peace among churches and pastors in Belize.


By faithfully walking with pastors and church leaders for decades, Alfonso and Elizabeth are positioned to be trusted, prayerful partners. They often sit with, listen to, and respond to the heartfelt hopes and hurts of pastors and church leaders when it matters most.


As a multicultural, multiethnic, and polyglot nation, God’s people in Belize are gifted and passionate about local, regional, and global missions. Locally, the Ayalas connect short term mission teams in the United States with local congregations to serve their communities through various initiatives. Additionally, Alfonso and Elizabeth serve on the board of an emerging missions conference and global movement which encourages Belizeans to serve internationally as well.


“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45


Alfonso received his medical degree from the School of Medicine of San Carlos University in Guatemala and earned a Master of Public Health degree at the Institute of Nutrition of Central America. He is also a graduate of Anderson University School of Theology. Elizabeth received her Pedagogy and Education Sciences degree at San Carlos University.

Alfonso helps church and community leaders with community initiatives, including the implementation of community service projects to satisfy basic health and educational needs. In pastoral and leadership development, he facilitates training workshops and courses with pastors and teachers. Equipping and supporting pastors is a priority. He participates and teaches in regional, national, and local conferences, retreats and seminars.

Elizabeth encourages, mentors, and coaches former students and high school teachers in their educational endeavors and challenges. She meets with women’s groups and individuals for fellowship, counseling, mutual edification, and friendship.

They partner and network with local and national authorities, agencies, churches, schools, communities, and international organizations, joining forces and resources in the process of community development.

The Ayalas also coordinate specialized visiting teams, which serve churches and communities in a variety of areas—development, infrastructure building, music ministry, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, skills development, evangelism, worship, health ministry, teaching, and motorcycle distribution.

Alfonso & Elizabeth Ayala

“One of our main goals is the promotion of Christian unity.”

Alfonso Ayala
Global Strategy Missionary and Project Manager

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