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Pink Door provides recovery and integration programs for women transitioning out of prostitution, sexual enslavement, or sexual exploitation. We value personal empowerment, spiritual restoration, advocacy, and connections to significant support.


The total project cost is $150,000 per year.

Project # 42.30203


Hundreds of billions of dollars. Millions of victims. Men. Women. Children. Slavery is not a thing of the past. It exists today and is a human rights catastrophe.  An estimated 400,000 people are in prostitution in Germany, which bears the label the “Brothel of Europe.” Thousands are victims trafficked in from around the globe. No escape. No hope. No future.

Global Strategy’s answer to this human rights catastrophe in Europe is its support of Pink Door Berlin.

Pink Door is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization that provides a recovery and integration program for women transitioning out of prostitution, sexual enslavement, or sexual exploitation. Pink Door partners with a network of organizations stretching across Europe and around the globe, which provide women the help they need to successfully make this challenging transition into a new, free, independent life.

Sexual Exploitation and Germany

There are approximately 400,000 people in prostitution in Germany. Since prostitution is legal, the dominant thought is that hundreds of thousands of women freely choose this profession. The fact is that the majority are forced into this milieu as a result of poverty, coercion, drug addiction and human sex trafficking.


Women who step out find themselves with a multitude of complex problems. Women’s crisis homes are plentiful in Germany but only a small percentage are equipped to deal with the specific issues of women exiting sexual exploitation.

Valued. Restored. Empowered.

The Program

Pink Door’s recovery and integration programs address these complex issues by meeting the woman’s basic needs of safety, housing, and physical health, providing a social worker to support and accompany them through their individualized program, life skills classes in our education center, and connections to significant support in the community. Empowerment and independence are primary goals of Pink Door’s three phase program.

Phase I

In this phase, a social worker accompanies the participant in her development. The participant is referred to other specialized agencies or organizations when needed as she makes steps toward the goals she has set for her future. She also attends life skills classes in Pink Door’s education center. In this phase, job readiness classes are also available to prepare her for getting a small job or an internship.

Transition Housing

The Pink Door House provides a safe, supportive atmosphere for participants to stabilize and develop basic life skills. Each participant has her own bedroom and can come and go freely, while respecting house rules and curfews. A house director provides guidance and oversight for the participants when needed. The home is intended to be a place of healing for those committed to recovery and integration into German life. This phase may last up to one year.

Phase II

With the recommendation from the participant’s social worker, she moves out of the Pink Door House and into an independent living situation. Pink Door’s social worker continues to assist with her needs and the classes in the education center focus more intensely on job readiness and/or further education.

Phase III

The participant is fully integrated into German life and the job market. She is living a self sustaining life. Pink Door is available when the woman expresses her need for assistance.


Depending upon the wishes of the woman, Pink Door may stay in contact with her and provide support when desired.

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