Pink Door offers individualized services for women exiting sexual exploitation. We support women and their children to cope with their past, gain stability in everyday life and develop new life perspectives.


The total project cost is $75,000 per year.

Project # 42.30203


Billions of dollars. Hundreds of thousands of victims. Men. Women. Children.

Sexual exploitation and human sex trafficking are not issues of the past but continue to flourish in every country around the world. With exploitation comes traumatic experiences; violence, addictions, mental, physical and emotional stress.

Support for Pink Door is Global Strategy’s engagement with this human rights catastrophe in Europe, answering the mandate to “encourage the poor, help the brokenhearted, decree the release of captives, and the freeing of prisoners.” (Isaiah 61:1)

Pink Door was founded in 2014 by a team of German Christians led by a Church of God missionary couple. Pink Door has two locations: a counseling / social services center in Germany’s capital city of Berlin, which offers counseling, social services, recovery support and assistance with finding new employment and educational opportunities. Through our vast European network contacts, we are also equipped to refer clients to other needed, significant support.

Pink Door Country, our newest location, is set in the beautiful countryside of north Germany. Here we offer women and their children a safe, caring, no pressure environment to stabilize, aid in their recovery journey and time to decide on their next steps. Pink Door Country is also a place for organizations to bring their clients for times of rest and renewal and for teams to gather for team building or strategic planning.

Funds for this project go toward direct support and services for women and their children in their recovery journey and the hard work of building new lives.

Sexual Exploitation and Germany

There are approximately 400,000 people in prostitution in Germany. Since prostitution is legal, the dominant thought is that hundreds of thousands of women freely choose this profession. The fact is that the majority are forced into this milieu as a result of poverty, coercion, drug addiction and human sex trafficking.


Women who step out find themselves with a multitude of complex problems. Women’s crisis homes are plentiful in Germany but only a small percentage are equipped to deal with the specific issues of women exiting sexual exploitation.

Valued. Restored. Empowered.

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