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Spain is one of the most challenging environments for the evangelical church – mostly due to its complicated religious history as well as its current secular/post-Christendom mind-set. With this in mind, the goal is to start a ministry in Madrid, Spain that will be fully functioning and self-propagating. The long-term goal is for this church/ministry to serve as the launch pad for further ministry throughout Spain.


The project cost for a year is $15,000.

Project # 42.30510


Multiply Madrid Network ties into a new initiative of the 3W Leadership Network called Europe X. Europe X connects young 3WLN Pastors that are wanting to multiply their churches and do ministry in the appropriate paradigm for Post-Christendom Europe.


The goal of this project is to establish a new church/ministry in Madrid that will be the lead church for additional church plants – 10 churches in 25 years. Each church will provide assistance for the new church plants. These churches will provide a network in Madrid and the rest of Spain. 


Church plants begin with cell groups in houses that focus on building healthy relationships. As core to these groups, church leaders have identified the following three elements as critical for ministry their unique, secular culture:

1) Teaching the foundations of the Christian faith
2) Offering life-giving experiences to encounter God’s presence
3) Helping individuals discover their purpose in God’s kingdom


“In the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ they will be called ‘children of the living God'”

Hosea 1:10
New International Version

The Church of God in Spain

The Church of God in Spain was started in 1982. In the early 1990s the first special assignment missionaries were sent to various countries including Spain. By the early 2000s the Church of God had disappeared in Spain.



Along with planting a church, missionaries Alejandro and Carmen De Francisco work with the 3W team to develop culturally appropriate training in discipleship, create healthy relationships, promote a Kingdom mentality and unity among the new believers.

Madrid Church Plant

The city of Madrid is home to over six million people, who primarily claim Roman Catholicism as their religion.  Among those, only a small percentage would say they practice their religion.


Partnering to Make a Difference

The Cost

By 2043, the plan is to have 10 churches planted throughout Spain. As part of this vision, each church will provide leadership and some financial assistance to each new church plant until self-sustainability is possible.

The total cost over three years, is $60,000. The local church will contribute $15,000 of this total cost. This project seeks to partner with them in raising the additional $45,000.



Nate and Stacy Tatman, regional coordinators to Europe-Middle East, live in Madrid and frequently observe this project’s progress. Other 3W team members also visit Madrid on a regular basis to evaluate the project.

Project Approval Letter from prior Regional Coordinators to Europe-Middle East

March 22, 2018

To the Global Strategy Team

This is to certify that we as Regional Coordinators for Europe and the Middle East approve of the Spain project. The goal is for this project to help Alejandro and Carmen De Francisco start the Church of God. This could include costs for registering the Church of God, connecting with the Evangelical Council of Spain and the EME Church of God, purchasing supplies for worship and ministry, and rent for a temporary location if needed. Overall, it is the project to start the Church of God in Spain, beginning in Madrid. Jamie and I, as well as other 3W team members will be regularly rotating in and out of Madrid and can regularly check on the status of the project.

Patrick Nachtigall
Regional Coordinator (2010-21)


to connect with Church of God Spain.

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