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Building churches, building leaders. Funds provide assistance for established congregations and newer church plants; for leadership development through conferences, resources, and continuing education; for children and youth camps; and for administrative expenses for the national assembly.


The total project cost is $28,500 per year.

Project # 42.30170

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The Church of God has had a presence in Egypt for over 100 years, but recent history in Egypt has been challenging the church as they work to engage the culture.


The number of churches in Egypt has been steady at 12 for a number of years; the vision of Dr. Latif (the national leader of the Church of God in Egypt) has been to see that number increase. With their favor with the governing body of Evangelical churches in Egypt, the passing of this new law, and literally hundreds of committed young leaders in the Egyptian Church of God, the opportunities for new church development have never been greater. The Church of God in Egypt have a vision to make a difference in the country through church renovations, youth camps, and leader training.


Global Strategy is looking for people and churches to partner with the Church of God in Egypt in this important moment in Christian history. Join us in prayer and join us in giving.

The total annual project cost is $28,500.

The Church of God in Egypt

The work of the Church of God in Egypt began in 1904 as visitors stopped there on their way to India.

Church Renovations, New Opportunities

Old Church Facility

The Church of God in Egypt, having received the rare and necessary government permission to rebuild one its churches, immediately sought to take this opportunity together. Upon completion and payment of all legal requirements (application fees, architect and engineering renderings, and purchase of adjoining corner of property, the Church of God destroyed the old building and began laying the foundation with the money the congregation had saved (around $10,000).

The new plans called for a significant upgrade to the old facility, which was just a small sanctuary and a shaky rooftop for Christian education purposes. The new facility would include a ground floor sanctuary, a first floor pastor’s flat (traditional for most church buildings in Egypt), a second floor education or fellowship hall, and a rooftop space that could be additional teaching or fellowship space.

The pastor of the congregation will be selling his apartment and putting the profit from the sale into the building fund. The new apartment in the church building will be a blessing to them. The pastor regularly tutors village children at the end of their school day; his service and love have earned a lot of respect in their rural community, and may have been a factor in earning favor with the government for the rare request. The church hopes to begin a new chapter of Children of Promise, intending to serve many of those same children.

The other 11 Egyptian Church of God congregations began to raise money from their own resources and private business contacts. The result was nearly an additional $40,000 toward the estimated total of $89,000. Through these gifts, the outer walls and shell of the facility were finished.

New Facility Construction

Egypt Church Planting and Leader Development

Church of God pastors from London were visiting Egypt and learning about their Egyptian brothers and sisters during April and learned of the urgency and unity in the building project. They were so inspired, they committed to share the story with the Church of God in the United Kingdom and take an additional offering to contribute. The Church of God in the United Kingdom is sending £9000 British Pounds (about $11,000).

Engaging Youth through Camp

The 2nd youth camp will be August 10-14, and is maybe one of the most exciting things in the region. The first camp last year saw 107 stay at the camp that only accommodates 93–40 people were left out on the waiting list! This year, they already have 150+ pre-registered and so they are attempting to secure lodging at neighboring camps to help accommodate the demand. The former national leader’s son, John Ishak from Asuit, has been named head of the committee.

Cost Breakdowns

Egypt Church Planting and Leader Development

This graph shows the total cost for each of the different elements of the project and what percentage of the total project cost goes to each of the three elements. With church renovation being the most expensive and most time-sensitive need, it encompasses the largest portion of the funding.

One important aspect of any Project Link project is the engagement of the local and national church. The graph to the right shows the percentage breakdown of where funds for the project are coming from. Nearly a third of the project is being funded through the work of the national church in Egypt. Another third, from other sources, including the Church of God in the UK. The final third is the amount we are raising through Global Strategy to finish the project.


Will you join Global Strategy in preparing a path for the next generation of leaders?

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