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Birkenhead Church of God is fostering community through local outreach and maximizing their non-traditional building in a post-Christendom area. Funds provide assistance for the established church to seek opportunities to reach their neighborhood, for leadership development and resources, and for children and youth camps.


Visit this The total project cost is $9,475 per year.

Project # 42.40529

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Two main objectives of the Birkenhead Church of God are 1) Supporting outreach and evangelism initiatives and 2) Maximizing their non-traditional building.


The goal for outreach and evangelism is to create multiple points of outward focused ministry to reach the highly secular, urban poor community. Currently there are three age-specific opportunities each week for the community: kids, tots and youth.

Additional opportunities are hosting block parties, holiday events, Vacation Bible School programs, and retreats for both youth and young adults.

These activities would provide an opening to build relationship and trust within the neighborhood and community.

Maximize Non-Traditional Building Setting

The objective here is to update the Birkenhead Church facility to make the building more appealing as a community center. This would include updating recessed lighting, kitchen renovating, painting the interior, updating seating. Ultimately, the updates could create a rentable space and provide the small congregation with a source of income.


“…Our aim is to continue to provide a safe, loving environment where kids, young people and families can engage with the church.”

Zach Langford
Pastor and missionary

Ministries at Birkenhead

Tots Ministry

The tots group began in July 2017. The group began out of the desire to provide a free and safe space for toddlers and their guardians. Each week, from 10 am to noon, the children are able to participate in a song and dance time and sensory activities. By mid-December 2017 the tots group has increased to 28 moms and grandmothers that have come with their children and grandchildren!

One grandmother commented, “This is the friendliest tots group I have been to.”


Student Ministry


The student ministries continue to draw a large number of youth each week. During school holidays, the church hosts day camps for elementary to high school aged students. The goal was to have at least 10 – 15 students in each age group and there were at least 20 in each!

The Birkenhead Church is able to take up to five students and three youth leaders to IYC 2018 in Indianapolis in July. This is a unique opportunity to expose the students to Christians their own age. Like a growing number in the UK, the Birkenhead students do not come from a religious background.

Facility Renovations

The facility renovations began with painting the youth room, creating the tots space and cleaning the grounds. Plans to renovate the kitchen are already underway.

As renovations are done, there is more opportunity to rent out the space for events to provide additional income to support the outreach ministries.


Partnering to Make a Difference

The Cost

Many of the objectives include one-time expenses such as paint for the sanctuary, updated lighting costs, etc.  Long-term expenses would include costs of large scale community events for evangelism and ongoing training or resources needed.

The church and members are contributing to the costs of the renovations either by tithes or sweat equity. 

The total cost, after giving from the local church, is $9,475.


The various events, upgrades and outreach opportunities will be promoted through the church’s Facebook page, with flyers and local businesses as well as through relationships built in the current outreach ministries (Kids, Youth and Tots clubs).

Additionally, the project will be promoted through social media including but not limited to the Three Worlds and Langfords3W Facebook pages.


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The Birkenhead Advisory Board will provide the greatest level of evaluation and accountability. Those on the board include the local associate pastor Lil Fox, regional coordinator for Europe and the Middle East,  Patrick Nachtigall, and four North American pastors.

Success will be evaluated in two ways: facility improvements and community involvement.

  • Facility Improvements:
    • Most updates should be accomplished within 12-18 months through project funds and missions teams assisting the church in renovations when appropriate.
  • Community Involvement:
    • Momentum is often slow to build in the European context, especially when the church is viewed with great cynicism and distrust. Through the “Tots Club” the community involvement has already increased since July 2017. The young adult small group, which launched in 2015, has seen growth and consistency in numbers, and there is a significant growth in depth of relationship and even in spiritual maturity.

Community at Birkenhead

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