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Water contamination and limited access of “safe water” are an alarming public problem in Bangladesh. In response to the current problem, about 90% of the underground water is being used in the country. Still nearly 60% of the population in Bangladesh does not have access to safe drinking water. This project will provide funding to build bore hole water wells in three different villages and a deeper water well in a fourth village all in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh.


The total project cost is $5,083.

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Though Bangladesh has for many years enjoyed almost universal access to drinking water, arsenic contamination of 22% of the country’s tube wells lowered the service coverage to below 80%. The availability of rainwater is limited by the rainfall intensity during the monsoon season. Rainwater and the arsenic contamination of much of the current tube wells for groundwater contribute to the high prevalence of arsenic poisoning and diseases. The government has adopted a number of policies to remedy the challenges, however the development work on water and sanitation have not reached the villages in Sylhet.


The goal of this project is to provide each village with at least one well to give the families a year-round supply of clean water, easily accessible, year round. Villages with more than twenty-five families would get additional wells so that the larger communities are not relying on one water well. 


Thankfully, there is a great solution. The plan is to contract with local people to place three bole hole water wells in three different villages. One deeper water well in another village. A hand pump will be used to draw water from the bottom of the well.


“…for those living in hard-to-reach areas, the search for clean, safe drinking water has become a matter of urgency.”

Lovely Suchiang
National leader, Church of God Bangladesh. Sylhet

The Church of God in Sylhet, Bangladesh

The Church of God Lumdonbok mission has been working for the spiritual development of the Church in the Sylhet region for more than 30 years among the ethnic minorities (Khasi, Garo and Tea Garden Community) and the Bengali community. These people groups are generally low-income and rural with limited access to development programs and support of government and non-government organizations. The spiritual, physical, social and economic development of the people are essential in building a self-sufficient church and skilled membership. This holistic approach is an key part of the church ministry to ensure sustainable development.

Providing safe drinking water will be such a blessing for the community, and will open a door for the church to work more closely and faithfully with the people.


Since its beginning, the Church of God Lumdonbok Mission has responded to the needs of the communities with school/education programs and child sponsorship programs that played an important role in creating educated, healthy and skilled human resources. The coming of life-giving water would correspond with the coming of the Living Water that Christ offers to give eternal life as well.

Partnering to Make a Difference

The Cost

The cost of drilling and finishing a well depends on a number of factors including the yield of the water required, the geology of the land, and the depth of the water table.

The project cost for three hand tube wells and one deep tube well is $5,083.

Water Pouring


Evaluation of the project is not limited to whether the wells are successfully drilled and installed. There will be education of health and sanitation awareness in the community that would result in the reduction of child and maternal mortality rates, and a decrease in the number of people affected by different infectious water-borne diseases. The project will have a spiritual evaluation to see if the Church members will realize the love of Jesus and be more involved with the ministry outreach to non-believers.

Will you join Global Strategy in providing clean water?

Ways to make a difference

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  • Check—Make checks payable to “Church of God Ministries” and specify “Safe Drinking Water for Bengali Kids - 42.40309” in the memo line.

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