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The Shelter compound in Cuttack, India provides one secondary girls high school (Sanat-Nalini Girls’ High School), a primary school (Shelter Primary School) and an English medium public school (Shelter Public School) for the children of families who live in the area around the Shelter, as well as to the girls who reside in the Shelter. Funds will be used on the properties to provide a safe and nourishing environment for the education and development of young people entrusted to their care.


The project will be completed in phases. The first phase will cost $11,500.

Project # 42.40287

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The three schools at The Shelter are in buildings that are between 65 and 100 years old. The first phase of the project includes repairing the roof and upper staircase of the Sanat Nalani Girls School building.


Because of the changing political situation in area government, the schools at “The Shelter” are receiving less support for the maintenance and upkeep of the space. The goal of this project is to fill in the gap that has been created and to keep the buildings safe, clean, and useable for the students.


This project focuses on the immediate need for roof repairs and building an upper staircase to expand the usable space at the schools. The target population of these schools are the Shelter girls who reside on the Missions property as well as the sons and daughters of the local families who live in the neighborhood of the Shelter. These students who live outside of the Shelter mission station are Muslim and hindu from poor families.

The government of India has several schools in the area as do the Baptist, Catholics and Muslims. But there is more than enough demand by the local population to keep all the schools full.


“By (the Shelter) providing these schools, the local community continues to view the Shelter in a favorable light and a place for the education of their children.”

M. K. Sahu
National leader, Church of God India (Odisha)

The Church of God in India

The Church of God in India, founded by Rev. A. D. Khan, moved from Calcutta to Cuttack, capital city of the state of Odisha, in 1906. Cuttack became the center of the Church of God throughout India for the next 35 years. South India, Shillong, Lalmonirhat (now in Bangladesh) and Siliguri developed well under the able leadership of a number of Indian leaders respective to their home areas.

In October 1961 the first meeting of the All-India Assembly convened in Cuttack, India with Church of God delegates present from the states of Assam, Kerala, Orrisa, and West Bengal. The Assembly continued meeting and reviewed the progress each year that was being made toward the registration of the Church of God Trust Society of India, which finally incorporated in 1972.


Partnering to Make a Difference

The Cost

This project will be completed in different phases. The first phase is the roof and upper staircase repairs for the Sanat Nalani Girls School Building. The cost for this phase is estimated at $14,730 of which thirty percent will be given by the  church in India.

The total cost, after giving from the local church, is $11,447.

Phase two

Additional phases could include bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, and repairs to the wooden desks and chairs in the classrooms.



Don Armstrong along with the director of The Shelter and the principal at the schools will conduct the evaluation of the project. The project will be successful if the roof and upper staircase is repaired and up to standards.


On top of the schools at The Shelter, the Church of God in Odisha is committed to other ministries. Here are just a few of those ministries!


Evangel Press

Evangel Press is the only Christian publishing house in Odisha state, India. Evangel Press has operated from the old mission station in Cuttack for over 40 years and the mission of the press has always been the printing of evangelistic tracts, Christian books, and information on the church for the general public. The language has always been Oriya, the local language for Odisha state.

Children of Promise

Child sponsorship through Children of Promise started at The Shelter in 1992. The current director is Sahu Smarpita, a young woman who grew up at The Shelter and earned her social work degree from university, and they serve over 100 kids!

The Oriya-language Christians Broadcasting Hope (formerly Christian Brotherhood Hour) program called Satya Jyoti (Light of Truth) began in 1990 with church leaders Asim Das and P. K. Das (no relation) as the speakers. Through Satya Jyoti, over eight hundred million people have the opportunity to hear of the love of Jesus Christ in the Odia and Hindi languages. The India ministry also includes retreats, discipleship training, and a variety of other efforts to nurture listeners who have questions or make decisions to follow Christ.

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