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The Philippines Tribal Learning Centers (TLC) project seeks to transform rural communities by equipping local churches to meet the critical educational needs in their midst. While the Church of God in the capital city of Manila provides high quality education through their accredited primary and secondary schools, many Church of God families in remote communities have little access to such education. TLCs will bridge this gap by harnessing rural congregations with the tools and technology to offer on-line classrooms in their local communities.


Phase 1 of this project creates Wi-Fi zones at local churches through the installation of an antenna and router at each site. In addition to laying the foundation for TLCs, this connectivity has 3 immediately profound impacts on the church and community:


Visitors purchase Wi-Fi through a special vending machine at the church which grants them access to temporary internet connection. At the end of the month, marginal income is used to pay church bills, pastors salaries, and other ministry expenses.


In rural communities, access to wifi is difficult to obtain. By making wifi available at the church, the building becomes a destination and place of connectivity for the community. This in turn offers new opportunities for the pastor and congregants to build relationships with, and minister to, those around them.


In addition to church expenses, a percent of the income is also dedicated to transportation allowances for pastors planting and tending to new churches in more remote locations. As weekly tithing often falls short of being able to cover such expenses, this project boosts local missions movements in new and exciting ways. 


The total cost per Community Connection Hub is $3,700.

This amount covers the purchase and installation of one Wi-Fi antenna, satellite, and vending machine. The goal of this project is to eventually equip 20 hubs.

Project # 42.30041


The Church of God in the Philippines is concerned about the lack of safe educational opportunities for kids in rural communities. Many of these children walk 3-6 kilometers each day to attend low-quality schools. This daily journey must be often undertaken in unsafe weather conditions and risks encounters with child predators and sex traffickers. Moreover, many families cannot afford to have their children away from the home all day, and thus many are forced to abandon their education and seek more immediate livelihood opportunities.


Funds gifted to the Philippines Tribal Learning Centers project equips each church to purchase the following from local markets:

* Basic Classroom Materials: Tables and chairs, white boards, storage boxes, electric fans, extension cords, and a fire extinguisher

* Computer Laptop Setup: 5 laptops loaded with educational programs, keyboards, computer mice, speakers, headsets, and containers for security

* Educational Materials: Books, workbooks, maps, globes, educational posters, and models

* Wi-Fi Tower Installation: Licenses, surveying, routers, permits, wiring, Fiber Ready Installation, cement footings, GI pipe infrastructure, tie wires, and licensed labor

* Extension Classroom: Construction of room connected to the church as a dedicated TLC area. Obtaining all permits and local approvals and building code compliant. Using local materials with a tribal facade and using local labor. Preparations for site location includes survey and assessment

“The local pastor and members of the church understand the importance of having TLC’s situated at the church location. First, the church becomes the center of community as the Lord has designed it. Second, members become more involved in the educational mission of the church and in serving. Third, the outcome of the graduates can greatly affect the church body at large, thus slowly transforming the church out of its current situation for generations to come.”

Ivy So, Project Manager


Tribal Learning Centers offer hope of high-quality education to these families in rural communities. TLCs equip the local church with the materials necessary for a classroom setting and set up the technology for them to receive an on-line education streamed from the Church of God classrooms in Manila.

Through this model, TLCs also place the church at the center of the community and create opportunities for the seeds of the gospel to be planted in the hearts of both the students and parents.


The long-term goal of this project is to partner with the local church in establishing 15 TLCs. The estimated cost of each TLC is $16,500.

All Tribal Learning Centers will be registered and monitored by the Department of Education and maintain a PEAC Accreditation. The success of each Tribal Learning Center will be evaluated by a team comprised of national leaders, regional and local pastors, institutional partners, and the local church.

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