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Each year, the Church of God community in Sylhet, Bangladesh faces the grave threats of monsoon season. Flooding and landslides destroy homes, sanitation facilities, and agricultural yields on a cyclical basis, which in turn understandably leads to feelings of hopelessness and despair. And yet, in the face of these ongoing and acute challenges, the Church in Sylhet is responding with compassion to both the physical and spiritual needs of their community.


The goal of this project is to raise $13,900.00

Project # 42.40313

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Because local churches are situated in a community long before disaster strikes and will continue to be present long after other humanitarian aid agencies have left, we believe that the church has a unique opportunity for long-term, holistic disaster ministry. This means that Global Strategy seeks to walk alongside the local Church in immediate relief, long-term restoration, and pre-disaster mitigation.


Vulnerability to disasters is not only determined by the frequency and intensity of the disaster itself, but also by community’s ability to cope with the disaster. This project thus seeks to increase the coping capacity of the local Church in Bangladesh to floods and landslides by strengthening their immediate relief, restoration, and mitigation efforts:

“During periods of any disaster or crisis, people frequently seek spirituality or spiritual resources in order to find meaning, a sense of belonging, love, hope, compassion, a sense of gratitude, and peace to support healing and recovery. These spiritual values and resources have all been associated with increased resiliency and improved mental and psychological outcomes in crisis and disaster situations.”

Pastor Lovely Suchiang
Project Manager

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief workshops will be hosted by the local church to raise awareness of disaster risks in the community, include the church body in advocacy efforts, and develop plans and partnerships for times of emergency relief.

Hosting flood relief workshops

Disaster Recovery & Restoration

The main focus of Church of God Lumdonbok’s restoration efforts center on the reconstruction of two staff homes. Several Church of God leaders, along with their families, live at Church of God Lumdonbok Mission. Significant damage to two of the staff homes makes it incredibly difficult for these leaders to continue serving in their vital ministry roles. Furthermore, fortification of these two homes is necessary to prevent life-threatening landslides and structural crumbling.



Disaster Mitigation

A retaining wall will be constructed around the church mission property to protect infrastructures from future landslides and secure the church as a safe haven in times of disaster.



Will you join Global Strategy in mitigating disasters and restoring infrastructure in Bangladesh?

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  • Check—Make checks payable to “Church of God Ministries” and specify “Flood Restoration & Resilience (Sylhet, Bangladesh) - 42.40313” in the memo line.

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