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The Church of God Lumdonbok Mission Station in Bangladesh loves the world around them by caring for both spiritual and physical needs. Located in a remote, underprivileged community, the Lumdonbok mission must find creative ways to both support church ministries and transform the surrounding community. One way they do this is by encouraging unique small business opportunities.


Phase one cost is $14,000

Project # 42.40311

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The Fish Pond Restoration Project will revitalize pre-existing ponds at the Lumdonbok Mission to create three income generating fisheries. Retaining walls and drain facilities will also be constructed to protect the ponds from the consequences of flooding during future rainy seasons.


These fisheries will provide employment opportunities for members of the church and community. The revenue from this project will also help to pay the salaries of Church pastors and leaders and ultimately help make the Lumdonbok Mission financially self-sufficient.

“The Church believers are generally underprivileged, poor, low income, uneducated and living in remote areas. Many pastors are not paid a regular salary due to the congregation lacking regular incomes. Incoming generating activities are an urging issue for us.””

Mrs. Lovely Suchiang
General Secretary, Church of God Lumdonbok

Partnering to Make a Difference

The Cost

This project will be completed in three sequential phases. Each phase will complete the revitalization, security, and flood mitigation for one of the three ponds. Fundraising for phases two and three of the project are contingent on the success of phase one.

The local church and community will also provide financial resources and volunteer labor services in each of the three phases.

Future Plans

The Church of God Lumdonbok leadership and council committee has indicated that income generating projects are a huge opportunity to support the sustainability and wellbeing of the local church at this time. The Fish Pond Restoration Project is one opportunity to carry out this vision of the church in Bangladesh.


Fishpond under construction at Church of God Lumdonbok

“This project will transform the life of the church and community around.”

Mrs. Lovely Suchiang
General Secretary, Church of God Lumdonbok

The Church of God in Bangladesh

The Church of God Bangladesh began in 1918, and the CHOG in Sylhet (the northeast region of Bangladesh where Lumdonbok Mission is located) began in 1960.

All of Bangladesh:

  • 170 churches
  • 4,400 believers

Sylhet Region:

  • 80 churches
  • 1,100 believers

Will you join Global Strategy and offer hope to the community in Lumdonbok?

Ways to make a difference

  • Online—Visit this link.
  • Check—Make checks payable to “Church of God Ministries” and specify “Fish Pond Restoration - 42.40311” in the memo line.

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