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Discipling the Generations in Bangladesh takes place as Global Strategy walks alongside the Church of God in Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh to further empower three unique disciple-making ministries:

  • Biblical Education by Extension (BEE) Courses for Pastors and Church Leaders
  • Jeevan Parivarthan (“Life Change”) Youth Camps
  • Regional Trainings for Church of God Sunday School Teachers

Each of these ministries cultivate a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Jesus among men, women, youth, and children in Bangladesh. These equipped believers in turn share their faith with those around them. This project thus influences unique generations present in the church today and sows seeds in the generations to come.


The annual goal for each ministry is as follows:

  1. BEE Courses: $9,275/site; The goal is to equip 3 BEE sites each year 
  2. Youth Camps: $1,520/camp; The goal is to hold 7 camps each year 
  3. Regional Sunday School Trainings: $2,600/training; The goal is to hold 3 trainings each year

Project # 42.30036


Biblical Education Courses


Opportunity for Christian education is extremely limited in Bangladesh. The economic situation—with an average per capita of $750 USD—does not permit people to attend traditional theological institutions or even short courses, without assistance. Furthermore, the fast growth rate of the church in Bangladesh presents a need for discipleship. Many new, passionate believers desire to mature in their faith and serve the church. Biblical Education by Extension (BEE) courses help make that God-given longing come to fruition!

Action Plan

Each BEE program includes 25 people—including pastors, evangelists, and lay leaders (men, women, and youth). A full program lasts one year, and those who complete all the required courses receive a Diploma of Practical Ministry (DPM). Program courses include Biblical studies, spiritual formation, and topics including evangelism, church planting, stewardship, and discipling others.

Jeevan Parivarthan Youth Camps


Jeevan Parivathan (“Life Change”) Youth Camps exist to help children see, know, and experience the Lord Jesus Christ. Jeevan Parivarthan Ministries work to bring the Good News of the Gospel to children and families in Bangladesh by offering unique Christian camp experiences. These camps offer a powerful way of fostering connections and building relationships with young people across the nation. Camps often take place in more rural communities and vibrantly welcome youth both with and without special needs.

Action Plan

The goal of this project is to equip the Church of God in Bangladesh to carry out seven camps each year. For each camp, a trained staff travels to remote areas to set up and run camp programs. However, these mobile camps are very intentional about engaging and strengthening the local church in each community. Camps staff also make follow-up visits to encourage new believers in their commitments to Christ and ensure ongoing discipleship is made available to these youth and their families.

Sunday School Trainings


The Church of God in Bangladesh believes that investing in the faith of Children is vitally important to the present and future life of the church. Therefore, Church of God Ministries Lalmonirhat are organizing trainings for Sunday School Teachers from across Church of God communities in Bangladesh. These trainings equip leaders with tools and curriculum to effectively share the Gospel with children and grow in their blossoming faith.

Action Plan

The goal of this project is to assist with the expenses for three Sunday School Teacher Trainings each year. 30 participants will be invited to participate at each regional gathering. This means that each year, 90 women and men will be trained, encouraged, and empowered to continue raising up the next generation among the Church of God in Bangladesh.

Will you join the Church of God in Bangladesh in Discipling the Generations?

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  • Check—Make checks payable to “Church of God Ministries” and specify “Discipling the Generations in Bangladesh - 42.30036 in the memo line.

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