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The Asia Pacific Education Initiative is a response to the ever-present need of CHOG associated schools to provide safe and effective education communities in the Asia Pacific region.  What a joy it is to invest in the development of young people who shape our world.


The annual project goal is $10,000.

Project # 42.30397


The accessibility and sustainability of high-quality education programs has been a continual work of the Church of God globally for many years. While the need continues to change with the ebb and flow of global events, there is still great opportunity to walk alongside those providing this service. Specifically in the Asia Pacific region, economic and environmental factors have strained the ability for CHOG associated schools to launch, grow, and sustain.


This project partners with CHOG associated schools to weather whatever storm might come their way. Funding might contribute to a specific project geared toward sustainability, the bolstering of student funding when needed, or perhaps walking with the school through other difficult circumstances.



We partner through relationship with recognized CHOG associated education communities. Many of these communities are conducted on CHOG sites and are influenced by a Christian hope and ethic. It is of high importance that our investment leads the way for these communities to be self-sufficient in the future and missionally engaged in their local setting.


This project will be evaluated on an ongoing basis by the schools’ administration, the school board, and Global Strategy’s Regional Coordinators to Asia and the Pacific.

Will you join Global Strategy in preparing a path for the next generation of leaders?

Ways to make a difference

  • Online—Visit this link.
  • Check—Make checks payable to “Church of God Ministries” and specify “Asia Pacific Education Initiative – 42.30397” in the memo line.

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