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In the Asia and Pacific region, the regional coordinators are using small business training seminars to help pastors and lay leaders develop personal income.  The project teaches ethical business practices, accounting, and planning to help leaders run a successful business.  At the end of the course, the project also makes small microloans available to the most promising young entrepreneurs.


The total project cost is $4,500 per country.


The church globally has consistently struggled with how to support their pastors. Many pastors, unable to be fully supported through tithes from their congregation, must look for alternative places to work in order to support their families. Though jobs may be available, they often take them away from their ministry duties.


Don and Caroline Armstrong have a solution! In Asia and Pacific, they are using a small business training seminar to aid pastors and lay leaders. The course offers business training, teaches ethical business practices, accounting, and planning to help students begin and maintain a successful business.


Though the training is a huge asset to these growing communities, the follow-up of microloans to begin small business is vital for maximum community impact. Churches pay for the cost of the seminar ($500); Global Strategy wants to offer loans to those who complete the course. We are looking for $4,500 per country in the five countries.


“The idea is to empower local Christians to enter the marketplace and be a witness to their community through their business. In return, they receive a small income and support their local church.“

Don and Caroline Armstrong
Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinators

What’s in Your Hand?


Revs. Don and Caroline Armstrong are leaders in a business training called “What’s in Your Hand,” a culturally appropriate program that teaches basic business skills. This training program was created by Global Disciples, a missions organization specializing in global church planting that prepares their pastors for ministry by offering small business training.

The training program uses biblical principles in its course design, focusing on ethical business practices, accounting, and planning.



The post-training microloans are to help individuals start their business. The goal is to have each loan repaid over a two- or three-year period. The funds that are repaid are then used to make additional loans to people who complete the training. The goal is for funds to last through at least three rounds of loans.

Water Buffalo

One area of focus for small business is a water buffalo. A water buffalo costs around $1,500 in Asia. Water buffalos can be used for daily work or rented out to farmers. The first calf is given to the church and the second calf is given to the national assembly. In this way, the church and national assembly receive immediate assistance from the project.

With their knowledge of the small business training program, Don and Caroline are preparing a new generation of pastors for years of service.

Where We Engage

One goal for this project is that it will reach across the region of Asia-Pacific and can act as a point of connectivity and unity among churches. There are six specific countries where the Armstrongs plan to begin the work: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand.


Total Cost of Training and Loans

Training Seminar


Water buffalo




Provided by local church

($27,000 for six countries)

($27,000 for three for each country)

Total for Seminars and Water Buffalo is $54,000

Will you join Global Strategy to make a difference in the livelihoods of people across the Asia and Pacific region?

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  • Online – visit this link

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