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In 2021, the Church of God in Sri Lanka celebrated thirty years! Now, after three decades of ministry in local villages, a political shift has raised the level of persecution of Christian gatherings. Most Christian gatherings in Sri Lanka are in house churches or what they refer to as prayer cells. Sri Lankan leaders in the Church of God have determined that the best way for the Church of God to continue to grow and develop is to build churches where permitted.

The lack of church buildings has always been a cultural challenge for individual pastors, but now it is an institutional problem. Several of our pastors have recently been interrogated about their ministries. Church buildings provide some semblance of legitimacy in the eyes of the government.

The goal to build three churches is also a remarkable way to memorialize the three decades of the Church of God in Sri Lanka in addition to provide continued long-range sustainability for the church. This project is specifically for developing resources to buy land and to build three churches.

Walk alongside the Church of God in Sri Lanka by partnering financially to build these churches. Each church will cost an average of $48,000. This can be a great challenge for a youth group, small group, or for the entire church. Don’t know how much you could contribute? Start your generosity with a gift of $1,000.


The total project cost is $145,000.

Project # 42.40451

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Ways to make a difference

  • Online—Give Online.
  • Check—Make checks payable to “Church of God Ministries” and specify “Sri Lanka: 3 Decades 3 Churches” in the memo line.

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