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The Yamoussoukro Events Place (YEP) project invests in creative solutions which address the need for sustainable income sources to fund church ministry projects across Côte d’ivoire. YEP initiatives will be located on the back of the Yamoussoukro Church of God property and will be a source of life to both the local community and national church.


The goal for phase 1 of this project is $10,000. This total includes the purchase of two three-wheelers ($6,000) and tents and chairs for income-generating rentals ($4,000).

Project # 42.30181


Walking alongside the local church in Côte d’Ivoire on the road to sustainability is one of our ongoing goals. The Yamoussoukro Events Place (YEP) encourages sustainability by generating funds for ministry projects across the country. This project starts with the purchase of two three-wheelers (like the one pictured on the right), which will be rented out with a portion of the income going to national church ministries and a portion going back to the project to further develop YEP. Funds raised toward this project will also help build a shed on the church property in Yamoussoukro to house the three-wheelers.

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