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Aldersgate School provides instruction from nursery to high school.  This project exists to assist the Aldersgate Primary and Secondary School in completing the nursery school building on the school’s campus.


The total project cost is $16,000.

Project # 42.40473


Aldersgate school was started in 1998 by missionaries Don and Caroline Armstrong. They began with just 88 students and 5 teachers and classes were held in the conference room and storage room of the Babati Church of God Guesthouse for the first school year.


Today, Aldersgate School has over 1000 students and 100 staff offering quality nursery through high school education in Babati, Tanzania. As Aldersgate continues to grow in size and status in the community, the demand for increased space for classrooms, dormitories, and other buildings grows as well. While the general budget for the school is covered by student fees and regular income, there is still a need for assistance to continue to develop the campus as the school grows.


The Aldersgate School project exists to assist the Aldersgate Primary and Secondary School in completing the nursery school building on the school’s campus. The new building already has five completed rooms which were all financed with Tanzanian funds. Now, the Church of God in North America has the opportunity to assist in completing this project so that the children can have a more appropriate, designated space for instruction.

The total to complete this phase is $16,000.

Rev. Fredson Dillo
Headmaster, Aldersgate School

Aldersgate School


Aldersgate school began in 1998 with 88 students in a small room (pictured on the left). In the last 20 years, the school has grown dramatically while gaining a positive reputation in the educational community as one of the most sought-after schools in the region.

Aldersgate is operated in partnership with the Church of God in Tanzania. Students come from all over Tanzania and many from within the Church of God. The school currently hosts a student population of over 1000 students with new students applying all the time. The school also has 100 staff. As the school continues to grow, the students from the Church of God in particular graduate with a quality education and are very well-prepared for further study in teacher training colleges, universities, or the workplace.

Pictured on the right is the building under construction that will eventually house the nursery. The Church of God in Tanzania has already provided funding for most of the building, now it is our chance to help them finish it!


Aldersgate School

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