The Tumaini AIDS Prevention Program TAPP project is to build income-generating housing units for TAPP social workers to run TAPP centers. The TAPP staff oversee the daily programs that assist clients in their struggle with HIV and AIDS. Programs include holistic support such as counseling, home visitation, medical supervision, micro-financing and vocational training.

Additionally, the program KUPONA (healing) that addresses social, nutritional, educational and spiritual child care for children from clients’ homes.


The total project cost is $35,294 per unit.


TAPP was founded by Church of God missionary Colleen Stevenson in 2004 as a response to the AIDS crisis in Uganda. According to TAPP’s Facebook page, TAPP finds hope and compassion by seeking solidarity with individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through creating opportunities for sustainable income.


The goal of this project is to build rental units that would generate income to supplement TAPP staff salaries and additional programs for TAPP.


Tumaini AIDS Prevention Program has three main ministries: Home-based care, social support groups and community projects.

The rental units would add revenue to all three ministries.


“…the need is for dedicated, trained pastors and church leaders to serve in these congregations.”

Norberto Kurrle
National leader, Church of God Paraguay

Home-Based Care

TAPP Uganda staff travel from home to home in their communities to bring comfort and share stories with HIV/AIDS clients. Many time, staff members bring food, cleaning supplies, and small medical kits to leave for the families they visit. This is a time for fellowship, deepening love, and prayer.

Social Support Groups


TAPP Uganda offers community centers that provide a place for men and women afflicted with HIV/AIDS to come together with a counselor. This is a time for sharing and healing with people who suffer from the same disease and stigmatization.

Community Projects

Bead-making is one of the ways that TAPP builds resources to begin other local projects. Small gardens, animal husbandry, and small loans have all been supported by TAPP.



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Partnering to Make a Difference

Letter from the COG in Uganda

 May 16th, 2016

To the Global Strategy Team

The Church of God in Paraguay finds itself at a great juncture. In light of the growth of our congregations it is very important to train new pastors who will become the leaders in local Church of God congregations. We are currently recruiting from within the churches young people with a heart for the Lord. Therefore, the national assembly and the board of directors, believes and supports investing in the theological formation of our students and those who will step up in the coming years.

Moses Abasoola
National Leader

Norberto Kurrle

Will you join Global Strategy in making a difference in the lives of women and children with HIV/AIDS in Uganda?

Ways to make a difference

  • Check – make checks payable to “Church of God Ministries” and specify “Tumaini AIDS Prevention Program – 42.30623 in the memo line.
  • Online – visit this link.

For more information, contact Alyse Hoover at 800.848.2464 or gsprojects@chog.org.

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