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Malawi Core Ministry provides funds for objectives that create and promote the ministry of the Church of God in Malawi. The core ministry is divided into five areas: literature, training, church building support, bicycles, and hospitality.


The total project cost is $19,500 per year.

Project # 42.30351


The Church of God in Malawi began in 1995 through the evangelistic efforts of North American Missionaries. Today, the Church of God has 114 churches and 88 pastors who serve faithfully throughout the country with plans to add more pastors, churches and believers to the ministry.


Malawi is eager for trained Christian Pastors. Through biblical and theological training the Church of God Malawi is equipping local pastors to live out what they learn as they minister in their villages and communities.


The Church of God Malawi is actively engaged in teaching and training pastors in Christian Education. By incorporating ongoing-guided study, the practice of ministry, and regular small group meetings, pastors are reaching their community with the Gospel.


Strengthening Core Ministry

The Church of God Malawi core ministries are those that empower evangelism, and enhance spiritual growth to keep the focus on living a Christ centered life. Funds are needed to assist the Church of God Malawi in Christian Literature, Education, Church Building Support, Bicycles and Church Administration Meetings. The total cost per year is $19,500.



Bibles are a prized possession and should be in the hands of every believer. Of the 114 churches in the country, many only have one bible to use for the congregation. The need for bibles and songbooks in the local Chichewa language is vital to Pastors and churches. Funds for this project enable the national church to offer a matching program. For each Bible and songbook that the local church purchases, the national church will match with an additional Bible and songbook.

Pictured to the left is Rev. Tim Vickey distributing a bible to a local church.


The Church of God in Malawi endeavors to train their pastors and raise up new pastors and leaders for their growing churches. Theological Education by Extension Malawi (T.E.E.M.) program has enabled the pastors and leaders to continue their Christian Leadership training by purchasing their own books and meeting with their area pastors and congregations regularly. Pastors are trained how to study the bible, evangelize, and prepare sermons.
The funds for this program are used to assist with pastoral transportation, supplemental resource materials, and meals.


Church Building Support

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Many churches in Malawi meet under trees or in grass and stick-walled shelters. As the congregations grow and mature they pool their abilities to make bricks from mud to build their own brick church. The roofs are often made of thatch, which deteriorate quickly damaging the church structure. Funds for this project go to supply plastic sheets to incorporate into the thatch roofs. Funds also go toward galvanized sheet metal for congregations that have built their own brick church to protect the walls.


Pastors in Malawi primarily walk to the different churches they serve. The bicycle has become a vital tool for evangelism, enabling pastors to cover greater distances while planting and nurturing congregations. The cost for each bicycle is approximately $150, which includes a bicycle repair kit and air-pump (necessary tools to keep the bicycle functioning in the difficult terrain). The national leaders have already identified 21 leaders who are most in need of a bicycle.


Church Administration Meetings


Regularly scheduled meetings at the centrally located National Offices of the Church of God Malawi enable Executive, Regional and District leaders to interact and set goals for effective ministry. Some of the participants at these meetings travel up to five hundred miles for two days on mini buses. The objectives of the meetings include evaluating the spiritual health, strength, and well-being of pastors, lay-leaders, congregations and communities. The funds for these meetings help provide food, resources and transportation.

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