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Kima International School of Theology exists to equip students to become effective and influential servant leaders transforming and strengthening the church, community and world.  Strategic Funding provides assistance to general operations and development projects, which enhance the educational programs offered at KIST.


The total project cost is $46,000 per year.

Project # 42.40322


Kima International School of Theology (KIST) began in 1995 as a joint effort across English-speaking East Africa to train leaders for work in the Church of God. It draws from many East African countries, with the majority of the 82 current students coming from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.


KIST is an important hub for education in the East Africa region. More than 450 degrees have been earned at KIST and KIST graduates are serving the church in numerous ways in the region in churches, schools, and not-for-profit organizations.


The KIST Strategic Funding project supports the school with important infrastructure improvements. Funds are used to do projects like building renovations, vehicle maintenance and replacement, and general operations.

The total project cost is $46,000 per year.


The History of KIST

Christian Missionaries from South Africa began working in the Bunyore area of Western Kenya in 1905 and began education on various levels to train church leaders for ministry. In 1922 the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana assumed the mission work.

In 1954 the Missionary Board of the Church of God and the leaders of the Church of God in East Africa (Kenya) began a residential training institution for the preparation of church ministers in Kenya. This training institution became known as Kima Theological College (KTC).

In 1995 the Church of God in East Africa (Kenya) gave the land of Kima Theological College to a new multi-national Board of Directors to begin Kima International School of Theology (KIST), which has been in operation since that time.


A Multi-National School

KIST is a multi-national school that serves multiple countries. As is evident by the map on the left, KIST is strategically located between three major Church of God countries in East Africa.

Kenya has 820 churches and 164,000 believers.

Uganda has 550 churches and 54,000 believers.

Tanzania has 253 churches and 5,397 believers.

KIST boasts a beautiful campus which includes a chapel, classrooms, dormitory, computer lab, and library. The Hekima Library houses 17,678 volumes, along with 144 volumes off-site being utilized in Extension Programmes.


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