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The Africa Francophone Ministries project aims to empower churches and nurture leaders in French-speaking countries across Africa. In areas where the Church of God is already present, support from this project will equip experienced missionaries, Larry and LeAnn Sellers, to work alongside local leaders in facilitating leadership development seminars. Additionally, in conjunction with the leadership of the All-Africa Assembly, the project will actively invest in building connections with new countries and various people groups where the Church of God has yet to be established. Through these efforts, the project seeks to foster strong church communities and develop grounded leaders across French-speaking Africa.


The total project cost is $18,000.

Project # 42.30161

French Speaking African Nations



The Africa Francophone Ministries project actively supports local leaders by prioritizing pastoral trainings and seminars, exploring opportunities for new church plants, and establishing innovative methods of regional connectivity. This comprehensive approach not only strengthens the Church in the present but also plants seed for its growth and vitality in the future. By walking alongside local leaders, this project fosters sustainable and flourishing Church of God bodies in French-speaking Africa that can effectively minister to the needs of both current and future generations.

Leaders gather for a Church of God doctrines course in Rwanda, April 2023


This project fosters the healthy growth of leaders and church plants across French-speaking areas of Africa through the following ways:

Leadership Seminars

The project aims to provide funding for biannual training seminars in countries where the church is already established. There is a possibility of combining seminars in Rwanda and Congo, as well as Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso, due to their geographical proximity within each region. Each seminar will bring together approximately 10 to 15 leaders for a duration of three to five days. The training sessions will focus on doctrinal, ministerial, and biblical subjects that are of particular interest to the participants.

Vision Trips

This project also makes possible exploratory visits to regions of French-speaking Africa where the Church of God is not yet established. These visits aim to assess the feasibility of initiating new church plants in areas where we have existing contacts. The findings from these visits will be compiled into recommendations that will be presented to the Regional Coordinators and officers of the All-Africa Assembly. It is important to note that this project does not involve new construction efforts; instead, it will mobilize existing church structures or rented facilities for hosting new church plants.

Communication Networks

In addition, this project will encompass an exploration phase aimed at proposing suitable media channels to enhance communication and foster cooperative efforts among church leaders and members across French-speaking African countries. The proposed media platforms may include WhatsApp groups, a dedicated Facebook page, Zoom meetings, or other available channels based on the specific countries and locations involved. The goal is to leverage these media tools to facilitate effective and widespread communication among the Francophone Church of God community.

Partnering to Make a Difference

Walking Alongside

The active participation of local Church of God leaders across Africa is crucial to the success of this project. Here is a brief look at the some of the important roles and responsibilities of national leaders and All-Africa Assembly officers in this project:

National Leaders
Active involvement of national leaders in each country is crucial to the success of this project. Their responsibilities will include confirming seminar dates, locations, travel arrangements, and food arrangements. Additionally, in collaboration with the Sellerses, they will identify local leaders who will benefit the most from the training sessions, ensuring that the selection adheres to predetermined limits. National leaders will also be consulted by Larry and LeAnn regarding future training needs and the development of relevant topics for discussion.

All-Africa Assembly Officers
Active leadership from officers of the All-Africa Assembly will play a vital role in this project as they participate in newly targeted areas for church growth. Furthermore, they will call forth trusted individuals within the Church of God who are situated in existing locations and possess contacts in the newly targeted areas. These individuals may then serve as bridge persons, facilitating entry into these new regions for outreach and church-planting initiatives. Their involvement will help establish connections, foster relationships, and provide valuable insights for successful growth in newly established Church of God communities in French-speaking Africa.

“It is our hope that positive Kingdom fruitfulness will be the outcome of this cooperative effort.”

Rev. Dr. Cyril Pillay
General Director of the All-Africa Assembly
Church leaders from the Democratic Republic of Congo attend a training, April 2023

Future Plans

While we firmly believe in the long-term impact of this project on the church and its development in French-speaking countries of Africa, it is important to note that the specific objectives of this initiative– facilitating leadership seminars, conducting vision trips, and establishing new communication networks– are intended to be completed by December 2025. These objectives serve as key milestones within the project’s timeline, ensuring focused and timely execution of these activities.

However, we recognize that the project’s success may give rise to other future endeavors that focus on the enduring aspects of ministry in Francophone African regions. These subsequent projects can build upon the foundation established by this initiative, ensuring a continuous and sustainable approach to ministry in the region.

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