Jesus Bread

By Kaitlin Smith, Missionary to Uganda
Editor’s Note: Kaitlin Smith is a missionary nurse in Uganda, overseeing five clinics for the Church of God.

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I was preparing for a weeklong trip to the furthest clinics when I had a craving for a taste from home. I decided to whip up a batch of delicious ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies. The perfect snack to take along with us for the trip! I decided to leave half the batch at my house for my guards to enjoy and to take along the other half for my driver and myself.

We were a couple days into our trip when I asked my driver if he had communicated with my guards back home to see how they were doing. Henry responded, “Yes, madame, I spoke with them and everything is so wonderful! They told me to thank you madame for this wonderful Jesus bread that you have given to us!” Henry explained that they had never eaten a chocolate chip cookie before nor had they ever seen anything like it. One guard said, “I tried to explain to my wife what this thing was that I ate and I don’t have anyway to describe it other than that it is Jesus bread.” Another guard said, “Madame, The next time you make this Jesus bread, you must show me how to make it!” Their pure joy and excitement was fun to watch.

As I reflected on this, it struck me that we, as Christians, are the “Jesus bread” of life. There are people in the world who have never seen or experienced anything like a relationship with Christ. When we, Christians, are salt and light to the world, people will taste our goodness and want more. They will want to to know how we “make” the goodness that flows from us. They will want to know what the secret ingredients are. They will be so overcome, so excited about experiencing it, that they will want everyone they love to taste God’s goodness.

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