In Their Words: The Gilberts Are Passionate about Connection

By Megan Gilbert, Global Strategy Missionary in New Zealand

Editor’s Note: Megan and her husband Kris Gilbert are one of the missionary couples featured in Global Strategy’s 2019 impactX2 year-end campaign. Kris and Megan and their children are living out their faith in New Zealand, planting churches and connecting people to Christ in one of the most post-Christian, postmodern societies around the globe.

As Christians, we’re called to bring the gospel message to the ends of the earth, to proclaim it to all people groups. What better place for us to go than Auckland, New Zealand—at the bottom of the earth—where 40% of the city’s population comes from other nations! Not only that, but in this secular postmodern nation, less than 50% of people claim a belief in God. This means that every day we are surrounded by people of other faiths or no faith at all—it’s a huge mission field.

Kris and I are passionate about finding ways to connect people with the gospel message of hope and peace in Jesus Christ alone. We have worked hard to serve our community in meaningful ways, and The Well is our primary hub from which to carry out a variety of ministries, including playgroup, parenting courses, seeker Bible studies, youth events, a seniors coffee morning, and a kids Bible club. Through these activities, we are building relationships with people who wouldn’t otherwise walk through the doors of a church.

Our other focus is on building a network of micro-churches where people can grow closer to God and each other, primarily by gathering together around shared meals. These table communities represent the fellowship that occurs when we gather to worship God, serve and encourage one another, and go out on mission together. Life happens around food, people of different backgrounds are brought together, and walls are broken down at the table.

Will you walk alongside us in support, whether that’s in prayer, in presence, or through your finances?


To learn more about the Gilberts and their ministry, click here.

To learn more about global Strategy 2019 impactX2 campaign, click here.

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