In Their Own Words: Kaitlin Smith

By Kaitlin Smith, Medical Missionary to Uganda

Editor’s Note: Kaitlin Smith is among the six missionaries featured during Global Strategy’s 2018 impactX2 year-end campaign. Kaitlin is nearly on her way to Uganda, where she will be ministering alongside Ugandan medical professionals as the administrator for the church’s five health clinics. She is nearing the end of her fundraising. Would you help complete the remaining need?

What I love about medical missions is that it not only brings the word of God, but it also meets people’s needs in a very tangible way.  It ministers to people the way Jesus did, by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs.  Here in the United States we have about one medical doctor for every 450 people. In Uganda they have about one medical doctor per 24,000 people. So as you can imagine, living in an area that has access to a doctor and basic medications is a privilege.

Many people die from preventable illnesses and diseases that can be treated with basic medications and vaccinations.  With every premature death, I ask myself, Was that person ready to meet Jesus? What can we do to fill this gap? Meeting people’s tangible needs opens the door to be able to talk about deeper issues of the heart and shows people what a relationship with Jesus looks like.

I am very close to being able to step into the work that God has called me to in Uganda!  Through this matching campaign, I hope that churches and individuals will join my monthly support team to put me over the top. Then I will be able to move to the field!

To learn more about Kaitlin and her ministry in Uganda or to contribute to her ministry, click here.

To learn more about Global Strategy’s 2018 impactX2 campaign, click here.

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