Global Strategy Welcomes Native American Ministries

Originally a part of U.S. and Canada Strategy of Church of God Ministries, Native American Ministries (NAM) is now a branch of Global Strategy. This decision was unanimously affirmed by the American Indian Council of the Church of God (AIC) at the annual meeting in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, this past July. The AIC is a partner organization of Church of God Ministries, representing Christ in seven ministry locations:

  • Allen, South Dakota
  • Wounded Knee, South Dakota
  • Scottsbluff, Nebraska
  • Alliance, Nebraska
  • Klagetoh, Arizona
  • Tulalip, Washington
  • Lapwai, Idaho

While it is true that Church of God Native American Ministries take place within the geographic boundaries of United States, this ministry is, nonetheless, intensely cross-cultural and inherently relational. From a financial and practical point of view, Global Strategy has tried-and-true systems in place to support cross-cultural missionaries and generate appropriate, sustainable, equitable, and creative projects.

Dr. John M. Johnson, a veteran cross-cultural worker, has been asked to relationally support Native and non-Native workers, serve as a liaison with the American Indian Council (AIC), carefully coordinate strategies and efforts with ministry partners, and facilitate project development.

As part of this shift, two missionaries have come under the auspices of Global Strategy and are recognized as Global Strategy missionaries working alongside Native Americans: Tim and Kim Wardell, at Pass Creech Church of God in Allen, South Dakota, and Sherman Critser, at Intercultural Chapel, Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Should you want to learn more about Native American Ministries or support any of these ongoing ministry efforts, please contact John Johnson at Learn more about Native American Ministries at

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