Giving Thanks with the Church in Egypt


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! We invite you to practice thanksgiving with us this season! We give thanks to God alongside the Church of God in Egypt for these seven ways the Lord is working in and through the Egypt Church Planting and Leader Development project.

1. Thank you, God, for always rebuilding and restoring!
We celebrate the completion of a church rebuilding project. We catch a glimpse of your transforming power in the before (top) and after (bottom) of this renovation work, and we say thank you.

2. Thank you, God, for giving new pastors to guide and shepherd your churches!
 We give thanks for new pastors and their families who are joining the ministry of the Church of God in Egypt.

3. Thank you, God, for raising up the next generation of Christian leaders!
 We rejoice at the sight of the youth being equipped through leadership development trainings and encouraged through discipleship groups.

4. Thank you, God, for the joyful faith of children!
 We are enlivened at the abundant life and new growth of children’s ministries in Egypt.

5. Thank you, God, for the unity of your Body!
 Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the fellowship of pastors and their families in the Egypt Church of God.

6. Thank you, God, for inviting us to expand your Kingdom
! We are excited to see the construction of a new church in northern Egypt and amazed by the generosity of local believers to support this work. We thank you for the opportunity to come alongside them.

7. We thank you, God, for providing for our needs!
We recognize that the government-approved license to rebuild this church is a gift from your hand. We give thanks for the restoration work that can now take place, and we anticipate your beauty that will be manifested here.

Keep walking, better yet, RUNNING, alongside the Church in Egypt!

This holiday season, the Egypt Church Planting and Leader Development Project has been selected as one of the ten projects and three global initiatives in our year-end campaign! This means that every gift given now through December 31 is DOUBLED!

All the gifts given to the campaign go into a single fund to be equitably distributed amongst the selected projects at the conclusion of the event. Click the banner below to learn more and give today:

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