Gifts Cards: A Grandmother’s Tale

By Debbie Taylor, Global Strategy Donor Relations Specialist

Editor’s Note: When Debbie Taylor speaks about missions, it comes straight from her heart and from personal experience through her work with missionaries and various trips. She is dedicated to connecting missionaries to partner churches and individual donors. Debbie has been a vital part of the Global Strategy Resource Team for the past sixteen years.


As a grandmother (aka Nana) of now 20 grandchildren, my desire is to show my grandchildren how they can make an impact globally at a young age. My husband and I would love to invite each of them to go with us on a mission trip someday when they reach an appropriate age instead of the popular Disney experience. This may be awhile, since they’re still young, so for now we’ll point them in that direction in creative ways.

Last year when Global Strategy offered the Christmas gift card option to support highlighted missionaries or projects, I immediately seized the opportunity to use these gift cards as stocking stuffers for the grandkids. I felt this idea could be used as an important step in bringing them to a greater global awareness.

When opening their gift cards, they wanted to know what they could buy with them. I explained how they could play a BIG role in bringing hope and change to someone’s life in another country. One by one they gathered around my laptop to view the pictures and videos of the missionaries and projects being promoted through Global Strategy. They each listened to the stories and with great excitement picked the missionary family or project they felt most passionate about, whether an animal sustainability program in Uganda or a missionary family that had children their age. It was a great blessing to watch our grandchildren discover the joy of giving and their power to make an eternal difference. This is a tradition that we hope to continue.


Interested in learning more about gift cards or purchasing one? Click here.

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