Every dollar given is matched …

Every dollar given is matched …

You have a unique opportunity during November and December. Every dollar given to Global Strategy’s Finish Strong campaign will be matched, up to a total of $50,000. This is a great year to come together and finish strong!

This year-end campaign will help us complete at least 14 projects from across every region that need help to finish strong. Many of these projects are just a few thousand dollars away from completion and your gift can help finish them and change the story in their communities. Now is your chance to double your impact.

The 14 projects, chosen in conjunction with leaders on the ground, fall into four categories:

Serving the least …

The Lebanon Cedar Home and the Nicaragua Feeding Program have long served and will continue to serve their communities. Our projects with them have provided key infrastructure to assist in their good work with those in need. This campaign will enable us to go the extra mile to put these important ministries on a stronger footing to continue in the future.

Pursuing sustainability …

Sustainability has been a core value for our projects at Global Strategy—even before the pandemic. We encourage churches and community groups to think in the long term, not just within present needs. The Philippines Fish Farming Project is a new partnership for sustainability that we hope to replicate in the future. This initial project needs a little more financial help to get off the ground.

Resourcing local churches …

This category is our most diverse. At Global Strategy, we walk alongside the local church globally and these projects do just that. Whether it’s adding additional space to an overcrowded church building, helping to expand a children’s ministry space, revitalizing a church’s printing press, or seeding new church plants, it is a joy to be able to walk alongside churches around the world.

Developing the generations …

Some of our longest partnerships are with theological education communities. During this period of COVID-19, it’s been exciting to see our education partners find ways to continue their work. These mostly smaller educational communities need help in meeting the variety of challenges facing them—from equipment to retooling. Investing in young people and leaders strengthens the church of today and equips the communities of tomorrow.

Tumultuous. Complicated and disorienting. That’s been 2020. And yet we still see God moving and working. We still see the ways the church around the world is adapting to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities by caring for the vulnerable in this season.

Now we want to finish strong. We want to end this year with a sense of the good that is ahead. We want to help communities and churches around the world find hope amidst the difficulty.

Our goal is to raise $50,000, which will be matched dollar for dollar, so that we can complete $100,000 in global projects! Will you join us and help these projects finish strong in 2020?

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