What a crazy year!

The global pandemic brought much of our world to a dramatic halt. The pace of our lives, our jobs, our social interactions – even our faith communities – quickly slowed or came to a stop. Much has changed, but we can remain certain of this: God never stopped. God’s stride hasn’t broken, and the pace has not slowed. God is still working and still moving – and we have the opportunity to walk alongside the global church through the ongoing support of global personnel around the world.

That means it’s time for all of us to pick up our pace. It’s time to consider how you can walk alongside God and the work of the church around the world. It’s time to find your stride.

Recurring gifts to global personnel are the most effective ways to ensure their ability to complete the work to which God has called them. This work has not slowed, nor has it come to a stop. Global Strategy has developed an opportunity to bolster the ministry support for missionaries as they continue serving. Let’s come alongside them and keep pace with the work God is accomplishing through them.

New or increased monthly recurring gifts to a missionary that you set up to start between September 12-18 will be eligible for a one-time match equivalent to the first three months’ installments. For example, for every new monthly recurring gift of $100 a one-time gift of $300 will be put into our ministry account.

Setting up a recurring gift is easy. Click here to see our list of global personnel and set up your gift online via their individual webpage or call Global Strategy at 800-848-2464.

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