Elizabeth Butler

Elizabeth Butler grew up with deep roots in the Church of God in northwest Indiana, eventually moving with her family to Anderson, Indiana, where they planted themselves at Park Place Church of [...]

Michaela Urban

Born and raised in Anderson, Indiana, Michaela McCurdy is passionate about calling out and cultivating the goodness of God both here in this city and all around the world. With deep roots in the [...]

Joshua Weiger

It’s hard to miss this gentle giant because of his large stature and heart for people. Joshua came to the offices at Global Strategy from the field, where he had been serving with our Three [...]

Erin Rockhill

Erin Rockhill is executive assistant for Global Strategy, helping to keep things running smoothly for Andrew Gale. She is also responsible for managing Global Strategy’s data needs. A [...]


Andrew Gale

Andrew Gale was born and bred in the Church of God. He grew up in Andover, Kansas, at Hope Community Church, where his mother has been the children’s pastor. He comes from a long line of [...]


Stephen R. Lewis

Stephen Lewis is a well-caffeinated mission strategist and critical thinker who grew up in six countries on three continents, yet finds himself inexplicably living in Indiana. The son of [...]