Disaster Relief Update: Afghanistan

By Michaela McCurdy, Global Strategy Projects and Disaster Relief Specialist

The extreme political unrest corresponding with the Taliban’s overthrow of the preexisting Afghan government resulted in over 500,000 people being displaced from their homes. While many of these individuals remain displaced in the country of Afghanistan, many others have fled across the border into the neighboring country of Pakistan.

Though the Church of God does not have an official presence in Afghanistan, there are over 250 Church of God churches in Pakistan, and these Pakistani believers were waiting with the Father’s arms to welcome and care for the new foreigners in their land. Under the leadership of the CHOG national leader, Rev. Samuel George, the Pakistani church partnered with Global Strategy’s Disaster Relief in distributing aid to over 350 Afghan families, many of whom are Christians.

The CHOG in Pakistan is currently strategizing ways to continue investing in this unique ministry opportunity. They welcome and appreciate your prayers and continued support. Thank you for playing a part in this incredible Kingdom work.

Gifts in support of the Disaster Relief Fund at Church of God Ministries can be made here: https://buff.ly/3ifaHLx

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