COVID-19: Hunger at the Door

By Don & Caroline Armstrong, Global Strategy Regional Coordinators for Asia and the Pacific

At first glance, it looks like most of us around the globe are in the same boat as we learn to adapt to the many changes COVID-19 has ushered in. We, like you, are dealing with face masks, disrupted schedules, and concerns about the coming months.

But our experiences with the virus have one more component. We are working with missionaries and national leaders who are surrounded by people who are literally starving. Our pastors depend on offerings to eat, but their churches are closed. The people in their congregations are not faring any better. For many around the globe, missing one day of work means not eating that day. And as the days turn into weeks, the situation gets dire.

As we talk to our national leaders and pastors, we are so proud of their desire to help their people, even when they themselves are struggling. We are doing our best to help them respond to the needs. We are working with the Church of God Disaster and Hunger Relief Committee and our missionaries and national leaders, trying to determine the cost of what is needed and how best to get it distributed in lockdown situations.

As you can guess, the demands on the Disaster and Hunger Relief Committee are overwhelming; we are talking about thousands and thousands of people in multiple countries. If you want to help our pastors and the families under their care who are literally starving, please consider donating to the Hunger Relief fund. This is urgent!


To support the church around the globe struggling with hunger issues in the wake of the coronavirus, would you consider a gift to the Hunger Relief Fund? Click here to give.

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