Our Strategy Statement: June 2015 - June 2019

How do we accomplish the mission?

Global Strategy connects the local passion of individuals, congregations, and organizations in strategic global partnerships that emphasize the work of God in Christ that the world might be transformed.


Connecting Locally

Mission begins locally, with individuals, congregations, and organizations. Christ’s mission in the world begins with you, right where you are, with what you have. It starts with you.

Connecting Passion

Mission begins with the passion that Christ places in the hearts of individuals, congregations, and organizations. That passion moves us to reach beyond ourselves.

Connecting globally

Mission that begins locally comes to completion when it becomes global. Our call is to connect here, near, and far. Mission is accomplished in relationships that cross boundaries and lines, connecting followers of Christ globally.

Connecting in Partnership

Mission that begins in an individual, a congregation, or an organization, reaches out in community, in partnership with one another. We are called to lives of partnership, to lives of connection with one another in mission.

Connecting strategically

Mission that connects local to global, mission that joins us together in partnership, calls for thoughtful planning, for weighing the cost, for making critical choices, directed by the Holy Spirit at work within us.

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