Church in the Age of the Coronavirus

By Don & Caroline Armstrong, Global Strategy Regional Coordinators for Asia & Pacific

This picture is from last Sunday at the Chia Mei Church of God, in Taipei, Taiwan. As you can see, the numbers are down and nearly all the ones who came wore face masks. The coronavirus is serious here in Asia.

Our churches in Central Asia, and in Hong Kong, are no longer meeting but doing their services online instead. People all over Asia are avoiding public places. Here in Thailand, parents are keeping their children home from school, meetings are cancelled until further notice, and shopping places are nearly deserted. Being out and about without a mask will get you intimidating looks, but there are no more masks to be had right now in Chiang Mai. Same with hand sanitizers.

This is a great time of opportunity for the gospel message of hope. Please pray for our churches in Asia, especially in China, as they minister in this time of upheaval and panic.

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