Celebrating the Church of God in Nepal

By Don Armstrong, Global Strategy Regional Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific

19 March 2018—Recently, I was invited to attend the 16th annual convention of the Church of God (COG) Ecclesia in Nepal. It was a wonderful time of building relationships with the people from this area and learning a bit about the challenges of doing ministry in a Hindu nation that, as of last year, does not allow Christian evangelism.

Two Church of God pastors from India were with me. Their churches have been instrumental in supporting and encouraging this work in Nepal. Over the past twenty years, there have been many trips made from India to Nepal to assist the Nepalese churches in growing and developing. The original work has now expanded to eight churches despite the laws that make this difficult.

I was glad to have been invited to travel with these men and meet the people I had heard so much about. It was a tough trip to get there and an even tougher trip back out, but it was more than worth it.

We now have over thirty churches in this country that used to say, “There is no room for Christians in Nepal.”

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